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Compatible API Versions
This is a beta release and probably still contains bugs. This version of the plugin is a direct port of Party and Friends Extended for Spigot. It is currently not feature complete and is missing the gui. It is planned to add this with the actual release of the full version, which will probably be merged with the paid spigot version. This plugin won't work on a water dog server, but you may use Party and Friends For Bungeecord if you want to use water dog.​


  • The plugin has a friend system with many features
  • The plugin has a party system which is connected to the friend system
  • You can rename commands and add aliases for all Top-/SubCommands
  • Users can set the following settings:
    • If they want to receive friend requests (useful for youtubers)
    • If they want to receive party invitations from everybody or just by their friends (useful for youtubers)
    • If they want to, that friends can see their online status
    • If their friends should be allowed to jump to them (disabled if “jump to friend” is disabled)
    • If they want to receive messages by their friends (useful for youtubers if they are recording at the moment)
  • Already translated into the following languages:
    • English (plugin intern (set "General.Language" to english))
    • German (plugin intern (set "General.Language" to german))
    • Chinese by ferrinweb
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Italian by @Ilario42
    • Norwegian by EmrikPlays
    • Dutch by @LimitedGames
    • Hungarian by @Konfigbacsi00
    • If you translated the language file into your language, you can contact me so I can release that message file to all.
    • The language file is created (in either English or German depending on what "General.Language" is set to) and used if "General.UseOwnLanguageFile" is activated
  • Optional self chosen permissions (just leave the permissions in the config blank, so everybody can use the party/friend commands)
  • You can set the maximum player number per party (set it in the config to anything below 2 to disable this feature) (there is a permission that allows users with that permission to have no player limit in their parties (useful for premium players) (permission can be set in the config))
  • An msg system with /r

  • Use any command of this plugin from the command line to reload the plugin
  • This plugin auto downloads the required library DbLib. If your server does not have an internet connection please manually download it
  • This plugin works with Java 8 or higher
  • If you have a problem/error check this
  • If you find any bugs or language mistakes or you have any suggestions for this plugin, please send me a PM, a message via Skype (live:00pflaume), email ([email protected]) or best contact me via this formula

  • If you find any bugs, language mistakes or you have any suggestions for this plugin, please send me a PM, a message via Skype (live:00pflaume), discord private chat (my name is Simonsator and my tag is #5834), my discord server, email ([email protected]) or contact me via this formula
  • Please do not leave a review (especially a bad review). I will not be informed about the review, so you will have to wait before I am going to answer you. Also I cannot ask you for further information which are needed in the most cases, because you cannot reply again. Also it is unfair, because in the most cases the problem is caused by the user and also it would be nice to give me at least 24 hours to fix a problem, before leaving a bad review. After that time you can still leave a review
How To Set-Up
  • Party
    • You can add commands, which should be executed by the whole party, if the party leader executes them (like for example /arena join, so all players in the party join the minigame), in the GeneralConfig.yml under "General.CommandsWhichShouldBeExecutedByTheHoleParty"
    • If a command which was given in the config is executed by one member of the party, all members of the party execute the command. So if you added for example in the config the command survivalgames, and the party leader executes the command /survivalgames join arena, all party members will execute this command, so all will join the survival games arena. And it will also react if somebody clicks on a sign, which executes a command, which is given in the config.
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Latest updates

  1. Using DbLib as MySQL/SQLite driver

    From now on DbLib is used as database driver
  2. Auto download dependencies

    All dependencies are now automatically downloaded
  3. Fixed bugs + Outsourced MySQL/SQLite

    Outsourced MySQL/SQLite drivers. You are now required to download this dependency. Fixed Bugs

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