BouncyBlockMX 1.3

  1. Optimized Checks: Streamlined logic for checking blocks beneath and above the player. Now, it only verifies the presence of a bounce block beneath the player, reducing unnecessary checks and improving performance.
  2. Enhanced Configuration Handling: Implemented configuration data handling for bounce blocks. Data is now stored in Map<Integer, Double> bouncyBlocks, simplifying access to bounce power values for each block.
  3. Event Handling: Added event handlers for player movement (PlayerMoveEvent) and damage (EntityDamageEvent). The PlayerMoveEvent is used to detect if a player is on a bounce block and applies bounce effects as needed. The EntityDamageEvent is canceled if the damage cause is a fall, preventing fall damage when landing on a bounce block.
Update Objective:
The objective of this update was to enhance the performance and usability of the BouncyBlocksMX plugin. Optimized checks for bounce blocks reduce server load, while improved configuration handling and event management make the plugin more flexible and easier to configure for server administrators.

These changes enable the plugin to operate efficiently within the Nukkit server environment, offering players a unique gameplay experience with bounce blocks.
Plugin Update Description


  1. Configuration Support Added:
    • The plugin now supports the bounce_on_wool setting, which determines whether a player should be bounced only if there is wool underneath the plate.
    • This new setting has been added to the configuration file config.yml.
  2. Updated Configuration File (config.yml):
    bounce_on_wool: true
    '70': 2.5 # Stone Pressure Plate - 2.5
    '147': 2.0 # Light Weighted Pressure Plate (Gold) - 2.0
    '148': 1.7 # Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate (Iron) - 1.7
  3. Player Bouncing Logic:
    • In the PlayerMoveEvent event, it now checks for the presence of wool under the plate (if bounce_on_wool is enabled).
    • If the setting is enabled (bounce_on_wool: true) and there is no wool under the plate, the player will not be bounced.
Usage Example:

  • When the bounce_on_wool setting is enabled, if there is a block of wool under the plate (e.g., Block.STONE_PRESSURE_PLATE), the player will be bounced with the power specified in the configuration.
  • If there is no wool under the plate, the player will not be bounced, even if the plate is listed in the BouncyBlocks configuration.
BouncyBlocksMX is a plugin for Minecraft servers based on Nukkit that adds a unique physical feature to blocks in the Minecraft world. With this plugin, certain blocks can give players an extra boost when they jump or step on them, making movement across the map more dynamic and interesting.
Key Features:
  • Bounce Customization: Server administrators can configure the bounce strength for each type of block through the config.yml configuration file. This allows control over how high players are propelled when they step on special blocks.
  • Easy Configuration Management: The configuration file can be manually edited to add or change bounce parameters for blocks. The plugin automatically applies these changes without needing to reload the server.
  • Compatibility and Safety: The plugin is designed with compatibility for the latest versions of Nukkit in mind and ensures safety by automatically canceling fall damage for players using bounce features.
The plugin is perfect for creating parkour maps and unique arenas where player dynamics and mobility can radically alter standard gameplay. It can also be used in thematic worlds where special interactivity and unusual physics elements are required.
Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the BouncyBlocksMX.jar plugin file.
  2. Place it in the plugins folder on your Nukkit server.
  3. Restart the server or load the plugin using the appropriate command in the server console.
  4. Edit the config.yml file in the plugin folder to customize the bounce settings for different blocks as desired.
BouncyBlocksMX transforms ordinary movement through the Minecraft world into an exciting adventure, adding elements of surprise and fun. It's a great way to diversify gameplay on your server, introducing new and engaging aspects.