CustomEnchantsNK (Beta)

Experimental CustomEnchantsNK (Beta) 1.0.0-beta5

Compatible API Versions
CustomEnchantsNK (Beta)
First public custom enchantments plugin for Nukkit

NOTE: This plugin is still in beta. There may be bugs or unworking features.
More custom enchantments will be added soon.

Found a bug? Please report if for me via private message on the forum or in Discord (PetteriM1#1059).
Please don't use reviews for bug reporting. Ideas for new enchantments are welcome.

The main command of this plugin is /ce.
To show list of available custom enchantments use /ce list.
To open the menu form use /ce form. (Work in progress)

Enchanting items
To enchant an item use /ce <player> <enchantment> [level].
@s is useable for your own player name.
The permission for /ce command is cenk.command.use which is for op only by default.
Enchanting can also be done from console.
Player must hold an item in hand while enchanting.
Max level is used if the given level is more than the enchantment's max level.
Using vanilla enchant command for custom enchantment IDs is not recommended.

Enchantments (beta 5)
TEST (101) Just a test
EXPLOSIVE_TOUCH (102) Make your enemy explode
FROST_TOUCH (103) Make your enemy into ice blocks
DOUBLE_DROP (104) Chance to drop doublicate amount of items
VAMPIRE (105) Heal from attack
MULTI_ARROW (106) Shoot multiple arrows once
CONFUSION (107) Make your enemy confused
GLOWING (108) See in the dark
AQUATIC (109) Breath underwater
LIGHTNING (110) Chance to spawn lightning from an arrow
OBLITERATE (111) Make the knockback way too high
COWIFICATION (112) Shoot cows instead of arrows... because why not
HEAVY_CHESTPLATE (113) Make your chestplate protect you better
IMPLANTS (114) Random healing and regaining food
GEARS (115) Be the fast boi
DEATHBRINGER (116) Chance to make double attack
CREEPER_ARMOR (117) Very good protection from explosive things such as creepers
ICE_ASPECT (118) Cool down your enemy
CREEPER_CHARGE(119) Make creepers more dangerous by powering them
LUMBERJACK (120) Tree capitator
SELF_DESTRUCTION (121) Explode your body on death
HOLE_MAKER (122) Dig deep holes
MOONWALKER (123) Forget the gravity and fall damage
HASTE (124) Chance to get haste effect when mining
REFLECT (125) Damager takes the damage
VIPER (126) Chance for poison effect
OBSIDIANSHIELD (127) No fire damage
WEAPONS_BLESSING (128) Chance to heal to max health on attack
LIGHTNING_SLASH (129) Chance for lightning strike on attack
DRAIN (130) More bad effects to the enemy
ANTI_ARMOR (131) Do increased damage to enemy's armor

API methods located at me.petterim1.customenchantsnk.API
String getLevelString(int level)
int applyCustomEnchantment(Player player, String enchantment, int level)
Enchantment getCustomEnchantmentByName(String name)

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Latest updates

  1. Update: Beta 5

    - Limited double drops to certain ores and plants to prevent duplication (Developers can edit...
  2. Update: Beta 4

    - Fixed compatibility with latest Nukkit version
  3. Update: Beta 3

    - API is now available at me.petterim1.customenchantsnk.API

Latest reviews

it would be amazing if you added something that only allows DOUBLE DROP to only mine ores! otherwise good plugin!
Please add Autorepair (this allows both armor and weapons to be repaired while walking) and also include Soulbound (this allows an armor that has this enchantment to return to the player's inventory only once more if the player is killed)
i guess no ui support this disappointed me i hope it is added
Please remove DoubleDrop its duplicate glitch then i love it with 5 stars
Good,What a great plugin! btw can I translate it into Chinese and take it to , which is the largest forum about Mincraft in China.I will mark you as the author and provide the original download address.Thanks a lot.^_^