MobPlugin 1.20.4

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kniffo80, matt404, augesrob, PetteriM1, PikyCZ, zzz1999, Sergey Dertan, wode490390, GoodLucky777
This plugin adds animals and monsters including AI, spawning and spawners to NukkitX servers

The plugin is still in development and some bugs may appear. Please report bugs here:

Do not use reviews for bug reports or feature requests. Always use the latest and official plugin and Nukkit versions when reporting issues.
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4.54 star(s) 41 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update

    1.20.4 - Fixed sheep wool colors - Fixed wolf collar colors - Improved cow and mooshroom milking...
  2. Update

    1.20.0 - Improved wolves (Thanks to GoodLucky777) - Fixed golems staying angry even after...
  3. Update

    1.19.0 - Fix mobs fall damage - Fishes can now be put to buckets - Drowneds with tridents can...

Latest reviews

this is a very good mob AI plugin and it works very well in nukkit
Great Update!
Thanks for this.
I hope Villager Trading and Piglins work in future.
this is a great plugin, I just would like you to fix 2 problems:
1._ That the mobs have fall damage since they currently do not have it.
2._ That the mobs are dragged by the water current, currently they walk through the water current as if they were in a firm grip.
This is the best plugin AI for Nukkit nowadays, a must-have in all Nukkit servers! Thank you a lot for your work :)
This is a good plugin. But creeper not explodeing and pillagers not attacking
The Ender Dragon flies upward on impact. Hostile mobs are trying to attack the NPC
Excellent really appreciate the fact that you put hours of time to implement entities into Nukkit Though a small request could you make it so that animals don't travel over water like its lad :')
Excellent! This is the best mobs plugin for Minecraft Bedrock!
It's amazing that is plugin exists, this was my main point of choice between Pocketmine and Nukkit, and it works incredibly! Just improve the AI a bit more and it would be perfect!
Awesome plugin, it just doesn't feel like Minecraft without a pig to ride off into the sunset <3