MobPlugin 1.22.1

This plugin adds animals and monsters including AI, spawning and spawners to Cloudburst Nukkit

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4.64 star(s) 42 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update

    1.22.1 - Added Warden, Frog & Tadpole - Fixed riding on the latest Nukkit version - Implemented...
  2. Update

    1.22.0 - Flying entities do trigger pressure plates - Fixed stray's arrow particles - Fixed...
  3. Update

    1.21.6 - Bug fixes and improvements

Latest reviews

This is a good mobs plugin, I suggest that you add trades to the villagers and add the allay.
this work is excellent, keep up the good work ./
Danke für dieses tolle Plugin! Die Mobs spawnen gut!
Mal wieder ein grossartiges Update.
Spawnen denn all diese Mobs auch natürlich?
this is a very good mob AI plugin and it works very well in nukkit
Great Update!
Thanks for this.
I hope Villager Trading and Piglins work in future.
this is a great plugin, I just would like you to fix 2 problems:
1._ That the mobs have fall damage since they currently do not have it.
2._ That the mobs are dragged by the water current, currently they walk through the water current as if they were in a firm grip.
This is the best plugin AI for Nukkit nowadays, a must-have in all Nukkit servers! Thank you a lot for your work :)
This is a good plugin. But creeper not explodeing and pillagers not attacking
Excellent really appreciate the fact that you put hours of time to implement entities into Nukkit Though a small request could you make it so that animals don't travel over water like its lad :')