1. MuffinHead

    MRPGNPC 1.2.5

    MRPGNPC A mob plugin with many custom settings 👾For RPG Server👾 What can it do? · Custom skin and model,can make different kind of mob · Custom a lot of property Ex: - The guards that protect the town. - Mob arena. - PC RPG server all have Spawns system now you can have! - Command NPC...
  2. Dominique Maik


    I acquired a server and wanted to install nukkit, but it generates worlds without animals, and mobs, when I enter the creative and spwan they are immobile, see "". #Properties Config file #2020-07-02 09:38:46 server-ip= server-port=25727 max-players=10...
  3. L

    Mobs and Animals don´t spawn

    After I created my Nukkit Server I played for a while and then recognized that no mobs and animals are spawning. So I made me an OP and set my gamemode to creative. I spawned some animals and mobs and set my gamemode to survival. But when i hit them the don´t interacted and were standing on the...
  4. N

    SpawnerTiers 1.2.0

    This plugin adds tiers to mob spawners, allowing players to upgrade their spawners to be 2x or 3x faster using nether stars or 3000 credits by default. This can be changed in config. This mod is compatible with EconomyAPI and requires the Mobs Plugin.
  5. PetteriM1

    MobPlugin 1.26.3

    This plugin adds animals and monsters including AI, spawning and spawners to Cloudburst Nukkit Bug reports here: Please do not use the reviews section for bug reports or feature requests. Always use the latest official plugin and Nukkit...