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A mob plugin with many custom settings

馃懢For RPG Server馃懢

What can it do?
路 Custom skin and model,can make different kind of mob
路 Custom a lot of property
- The guards that protect the town.
- Mob arena.
- PC RPG server all have Spawns system now you can have!

- Command NPC

Everytime after you change the config,you need /reload or /mrn reload

To reload the data in the cache.

First,it鈥檚 the command part.MRPGNPC(And then it's called MRN) 鈥榮 command until now have 2 type鈥擬ob and Point

/mrn mob create/delete MobName To create one kind of MobNPC.

/mrn point create/delete PointName To create one SpawnPoint of MobNPC.

/mrn skill create SkillName To create one Skill of MobNPC.

/mrn reload To reload the mob&point config that have just created.
Here鈥檚 mob config:


DisplayName: MobNPC鈥檚 name that display and can use these function:

- {MaxHealth} mob鈥檚 maxhealth

- {Health} mob鈥檚 current health

- {Damage} mob鈥檚 damage

Maxhealth: Integer type Mob鈥檚 maxhealth

Size: Double type Mob鈥檚 scale 1.0 is the normal size

MovementSpeed: Double type Mob鈥檚 speed

Damage: Double type Mob鈥檚 damage at once attack

Knockback: Double type Mob鈥檚 knockback performance at once attack

DefenseFormula: String type Mob鈥檚 defense formula.source.damage is the dmagae function from one attack.Ex:You want mob can defuse 30% damage one time DefenseFormula: source.damage*0.7

AttackDelay: Int type Mob鈥檚 delay of once attack 20 is 1s (Minecraft 20tick = 1s).

DamageDelay: Int type Mob鈥檚 delay of once attack鈥檚 damage take effect 20 is 1s (Minecraft 20tick = 1s).Ex: IF your mob鈥檚 attackdelay is 20 then it will attack once every second.IF it鈥檚 damagedelay is 20 ,then it will attack once every 1s but the damage effect after last second.(
Just like in an RPG game, if the player is out of hitrange(This will be mentioned later) during an damaedelay , the player is not harmed and other creatures within hitrange of that point are harmed).

BeDamagedDelay: Int type Mob鈥檚 delay of be damaged by same entity 20 is 1s (Minecraft 20tick = 1s). It can prevent connectors that attack toooooo fast.

AttackRange: Double type Mob鈥檚 range of one time attack . It鈥檚 the radius of a circle.

HateRange: Double type Mob鈥檚 range of hate . It鈥檚 the radius of a circle.

NoHatesHeal: String type When the mob鈥檚 hate value for a player is 0 or null,and it have no target,it will back to the spawnpoint.By the way,when the tick over,it will heal N health every tick.Ex: NoHateHeal: 鈥200:1.0鈥 That mean鈥檚 : When the mob have no target at all,it will try to back to the spawnpoint and start count the 200 tick delay,when the delay over,it will heal it self 1.0 every tick!

CanBeKnockBack: Boolean type Can set the mob can be knockback or not.

DeathCommand: List<String> type Can set the command when the mob dead the console will run.

The functions of the deathcommand: The function 鈥榮 result must come from a player,that because that like the give command or kill command must use player鈥檚 name!If is normal entity not a player,the command wont be run.



- 100;console;give {} 264 1 100% give the killer player one diamond (Must have a killer,if is poison or magic way to die,the command wont run).And the sender type is 'console'.So this command will run by console

- 50; console;give {} 264 1||give ( 264 1&&give {} 264 1 50% give the most damage player one diamond or not only give the most hate player one diamond,but also give the killer one diamond.

- 50; player:kill 50% run this command by all players.And kill self.

&& can run serveral commands simultaneously.|| can let the plugin choose one of the command to run.

Skin: String type Can set the mob 鈥榮 skin.

Skins folder:


One skin one folder:


Skin folder has one skin image and one model file:


And the model file's id must be geometry.mrpgnpc like this:

Item: String type Can set the mob鈥檚 item in hand Ex: 鈥267:0鈥 is and iron sword.

HitRange: Double type Can set mob鈥檚 hitrange.Hitrange is the npc鈥檚 damage effect area(a circle)鈥檚 radius.

BeDamagedBlockParticle: String type Set the block particle when the mob has been damaged.Set block ID.Ex: 鈥152:0鈥 is the RedStone Block ID.

Drops: List<String> type.Set npc鈥檚 drops.Ex:


- 20:264-0-1||265-0-1&&263-0-1 20% drop a diamond or a coal and an iron.

Just like deathcommand

Camp: String type.A way to seperate the mobs that can classify them to choose in Target choose part.Input anything you like but not contains 鈥:鈥

ActiveAttackCreature: List<String> type.Can set mob鈥檚 target that it will attack active.



- Point:A That means the mob spawn from Point A will be target

- Player That means the players will be target

- Camp:A|Point:A That means the entity鈥檚 camp must be A and the Spawn Point must be A

- Mob Should be Mob

UnattractiveCreature: List<String> type.Can set mob鈥檚 target that it wont attack active.
Here鈥檚 point config:


PointName: String type.Point name,can for mob鈥檚 target choose.

SpawnList: List<String> type.Set mob spawn

Mobfile鈥檚 name:Respawn Tick:Spawn amount at once:Max amount of this line鈥檚 mob in this point:Spawn limit


MobA:40:1:2:atDay-PlayersNearby~10 MobA will spawn at day and need one or more players nearby in radius 10鈥檚 circle ,the centre of circle is spawnpoint.

Spawnlimit鈥檚 function:

- atDay

- atNight

- playersNearby~distance(Double Type)

- noOneNearby~distance(Double Type)

Here鈥檚 skill config:

Most of skill can use javascript's ALG to calculate some data to use.
Like the dash skill in the img.Can dash for a distance according to the NPC's head yaw/pitch

Here's all the skill you can use until now:

To delay a while 20tick = 1second.

Damage锛汿argetsOptions锛汥amage(Double type) To damage an entity/entities

Blowup锛汿argetsOptions锛汼trength(Double type) To blowup an entity/entities,strength 1-3 is befitting.

Burn锛汿argetsOptions锛汿ick(Integer type) To burn an entity/entities for xx ticks.

Message锛汿argetsOptions锛汳essage(String type) To send message to a player/players

HugeExplode锛泋(Double type)锛泍(Double type):z(Double type) To spawn a huge explode particle.

Dash锛沵otionX(Double type)锛沵otionY(Double type)锛沵otionZ(Double type) To dash for a distance.

To effect an entity/entities for xx ticks.

ChangeItemInHand锛汭temid锛汭temdamage To change mob's item in hand

ChangeAttackRange锛汥ouble type

To change skin for mob

ChangeDamage锛汥ouble type To change mob's damage

ChangeSize锛汥ouble type To change mob's size(scale)

ChangeKnockback锛汥ouble type To change mob's knockback

ChangeMovementSpeed锛汥ouble type To change mob's movementspeed

ChangeAttackDelay锛汥ouble type To change mob's attack delay

InsertSkill锛汥robability(Int type 100 is 100%)锛汿riggerMode锛汼killName To insert a skill in mob's skilllist

RemoveSkill锛汥robability(Int type 100 is 100%)锛汿riggerMode锛汼killName To remove a skill in mob's skilllist

RefreshAttackDelay To refresh mob's attack delay.Make mob can do attack quickly.

RunCommand锛泃rue/false锛汣ommand(String type) if is true the damager player will run this command,if is false,consolesender will run command command can use,but it will make this skill delay 1 tick(to get the damager

Lightning锛汿argetsOptions To spawn a lightning at entity'entities position NoDamage!!

Shooting锛沺rojectileID锛泂tartPosX锛泂tartPosY锛泂tartPosZ:motionX锛沵otionY锛沵otionZ锛沺rojectileDamage锛沺rojectileKnockBack锛沺rojectileSpeed锛汳axDistance锛沺rojectileSize To shoot a projectile with custom id,custom startPosition and motion.projectile size,speed,damage,knockback.

If you just want your mob can shoot player,copy this!
 - Shoot;81;npc.x;npc.y+1.66;npc.z;-Math.sin(npc.yaw / 180.0 * 3.14) * Math.cos(npc.pitch / 180.0 * 3.14);-Math.sin(npc.pitch / 180.0 * 3.14);Math.cos(npc.yaw / 180.0 * 3.14) * Math.cos(npc.pitch / 180.0 * 3.14);3.0;0.0;0.5;15;1.0
SetSpawn锛泋锛泍锛泎锛泍aw锛沺itch锛沴evelname To reset mob's spawn position


- SectorAttack;distance-10-10/Mob;15;2;10

The mob faces the fan-shaped area with the midpoint line.
This part means: SectorAttack;the entites within 10 meters of the mob ,limit amount 10,and the only type affected is 鈥橫ob鈥 ;The Angle of the left and right sides of the sector is 15,radius is 2, damage is 10
The skills are very pool,if you have an idea or the algorithm 锛寉ou can tell me 锛宭eave a message or join my discord.
Type-Figure-Distance-AmountLimit-List of valid entity types锛圕an't use now.The default is the list of active attack types for the entity锛

Figure is for (hate) (damage),if you use damage/hate,the figure is to define is that player can be choose.
Burn:damage-10-10-10:60 Choose the player that damaged mob more than 10, distance <=10 and the amount limit is 10(if more than 10 player,it will just choose 10 player with random)

- mostdamage
- mosthate
- nearest
- farest
- lastDamager Use this function will make the skill delay 1 tick
- distance Players that distance mob less than xx
- damage Players that damaged mob more than xx point
- hate Players that in mob's hatepool more than xx point If mob has a target,this will become target's name.

If mob has a target,this will become target's positionX,if not,this will become mob's positionX.


if mob's last damage cause is entity attack and it is player,this will become last damager's name.Use this function will make the skill delay 1 tick!







TriggerMode types:
- onTick~tick Mob will run the skill every xx tick
- onHealth~</<=/>/>=health Mob will run the skill when it's health is </<=/>/>= xx health
- onAttack Mob will run the skill when it is in attacking status(Doesn't need damage anyone)
- onDamage Mob will run the skill when it has damaged anyone
- onBeDamaged Mob will run the skill when it has been damaged

Let's make some skills:

/mrn skill create skillname To make a skill config.

If i want to let mob use 'test' skill when it's health is less than 10.1,and the probability is 100%

probability:triggermode~condition(if the triggermode need):skillname

Then,open the skill----test config in the Skill folder.

- Dash;Math.cos(((npc.yaw + 90.0) * 3.14) / 180.0)*4;0.2;Math.sin(((npc.yaw + 90.0) * 3.14) / 180.0)*4
- Message;mosthate-0-5-1;Mob锛欶ire锛
- Burn;hate-10-5-1;60

Here's a skill list

Step 1:The mob will dash to the target.
Step 2:Server will send message to the most hate target and the amount limit is 1 ,so there ll just have 1 player to send.
Step 3:The mob will burn the entities around(But the amount limit is 1,so there will just have 1 player),for 3 second(60 tick = 3 second)

- Effect;distance-0-1-10/Player;2;100;2
- Effect;distance-0-1-10/Camp:Kingdom;1;100;5
Use / To split target simplifier and creature type simplifier.
If you want this skill(Like effect,burn,damage) will just use on Player,You can add /Player after the target simplifier,Like line 1.
If you want use on Camp:Kingdom and SpawnPoint is Kingdom,add /Camp:Kingdom, Point:Kingdom

There's a new file in plugin folder named 'worldRandomSpawn.yml'

If you want to spawn mob randomly in a world,use this.

The format is:

- MobName:MaxAmount(EveryPlayer's nearby):MaxAmountDetectDistance:SpawnDistance:MobDisappearDistance:SpawnCooldown:Probability(10000 is 100.00%   5000 is 50.00%)

- HumanSlayer:10:50:50:60:2:10000
It means the level named world.Will spawn humanslayer mob.Every player's nearby will spawn.The max amount for every player's nearby is 10.The detect amount distance is 50(player is the centre).The spawn distance is 50(the number bigger,the distance of mob spawn may the far).If the mob of randomSpawn's nearby has no player(Distance is 60),it will kill it self and despawn.The spawn cooldown is 2s.The probability of this mob is 100.00(Here is 10000 = 100.00%,50.00% is 5000)

The author:MuffinHead


Ask for more RPG plugin锛烰oin the discord and text to me!

Tencent QQ Group:826809170

Normal 1.12.0v geometry
    "minecraft:geometry": [
            "description": {
                "identifier": "geometry.mrpgnpc",
                "texture_width": 64,
                "texture_height": 64,
                "visible_bounds_width": 2,
                "visible_bounds_height": 3,
                "visible_bounds_offset": [0, 1.5, 0]
            "bones": [
                    "name": "root",
                    "pivot": [0, 0, 0]
                    "name": "rightLeg",
                    "parent": "root",
                    "pivot": [-1.9, 12, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-3.9, 0, -2], "size": [4, 12, 4], "uv": [0, 16]}
                    "name": "rightBoot",
                    "parent": "rightLeg",
                    "pivot": [-1.9, 12, 0]
                    "name": "rightTrouser",
                    "parent": "rightLeg",
                    "pivot": [-1.9, 12, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-3.9, -0.1, -2.1], "size": [4, 12.2, 4.2], "uv": [0, 32]}
                    "name": "leftLeg",
                    "parent": "root",
                    "pivot": [1.9, 12, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-0.1, 0, -2], "size": [4, 12, 4], "uv": [16, 48]}
                    "name": "leftBoot",
                    "parent": "leftLeg",
                    "pivot": [1.9, 12, 0]
                    "name": "leftTrouser",
                    "parent": "leftLeg",
                    "pivot": [1.9, 12, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-0.1, -0.1, -2.1], "size": [4.1, 12.2, 4.2], "uv": [0, 48]}
                    "name": "waist",
                    "parent": "root",
                    "pivot": [0, 12, 0]
                    "name": "body",
                    "parent": "waist",
                    "pivot": [0, 24, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-4, 12, -2], "size": [8, 12, 4], "uv": [16, 16]}
                    "name": "head",
                    "parent": "body",
                    "pivot": [0, 24, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-4, 24, -4], "size": [8, 8, 8], "uv": [0, 0]}
                    "name": "helmet",
                    "parent": "head",
                    "pivot": [0, 24, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-4.1, 23.9, -4.1], "size": [8.2, 8.2, 8.2], "uv": [32, 0]}
                    "name": "rightArm",
                    "parent": "body",
                    "pivot": [-5, 22, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-8, 12, -2], "size": [4, 12, 4], "uv": [16, 48]}
                    "name": "rightItem",
                    "parent": "rightArm",
                    "pivot": [-6, 15, 1]
                    "name": "rightSleeve",
                    "parent": "rightArm",
                    "pivot": [-5, 22, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-8.1, 11.9, -2.1], "size": [4.2, 12.2, 4.2], "uv": [0, 32]}
                    "name": "leftArm",
                    "parent": "body",
                    "pivot": [5, 22, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [4, 12, -2], "size": [4, 12, 4], "uv": [0, 16]}
                    "name": "leftItem",
                    "parent": "leftArm",
                    "pivot": [6, 15, 1]
                    "name": "leftSleeve",
                    "parent": "leftArm",
                    "pivot": [7, 22, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [3.9, 11.9, -2.1], "size": [4.2, 12.2, 4.2], "uv": [48, 48]}
                    "name": "coat",
                    "parent": "body",
                    "pivot": [0, 24, 0],
                    "cubes": [
                        {"origin": [-4.1, 11.9, -2.1], "size": [8.2, 12.2, 4.2], "uv": [16, 32]}
    "format_version": "1.12.0"
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