1. Josewowgame

    Citizen Library 1.0-SNAPSHOT

    Citizen Library Personally I have always liked the styles of the npc like those that are in the Minecraft Java Edition servers, but in Minecraft Bedrock Edition it can be very complex to make them for plugin developers who are just starting out or most only decide to use line breaks. This...
  2. MuffinHead

    MRPGNPC 1.1.3

    MRPGNPC A mob plugin with many custom settings 👾For RPG Server👾 What can it do? · Custom skin and model,can make different kind of mob · Custom a lot of property Ex: - The guards that protect the town. - Mob arena. - PC RPG server all have Spawns system now you can have! - Command NPC...
  3. MuffinHead

    Human Animation

    I 'm a rookie plugin maker. Recently, I have been faced with the issue of NPC animation. Is there any way to add a json file of custom animation for humans ? Thanks for any answer!
  4. C1oky

    NPC - Non-Player Character 3.0.0

    A very simple plugin to create and edit your NPCs! This plugin requires FormAPI installed! Permission: npc.use Available commands: - /npc spawn - Create npc entity - /npc getID - Get ID entity - /npc list - Get npc entity list - /npc teleport - Teleport entity to you - /npc edit - Open entity...
  5. PetteriM1

    NPC / Slapper 2.3.3

    Simple but good NPC plugin that works with the latest NukkitX version Commands: Spawn NPC: /npc spawn <entity> <name> Remove NPC: /npc remove Get list of all available entities: /npc entities Get entity ID: /npc getid Add console command: /npc addcmd <ID> <cmd> Add player command: /npc...