NPC / Slapper

NPC / Slapper 2.6.0

Compatible API Versions
NPC plugin for Cloudburst Nukkit

(ID is the NPC's entity ID that you can get with /npc getid.)
Spawn NPC: /npc spawn <entity type> [name tag]
Remove NPC: /npc remove (and click the NPC)
Get list of all available entities: /npc entities
Get entity ID: /npc getid
Add console command: /npc addcmd <ID> <cmd>
Add player command: /npc addplayercmd <ID> <cmd>
Delete console command: /npc delcmd <ID> <cmd>
Delete player command: /npc delplayercmd <ID> <cmd>
Delete all commands: /npc delallcmd <ID>
See all commands: /npc listcmd <ID>
Edit NPC: /npc edit <ID> <item|armor|scale|name|scoretag|tphere|block> [value]

- You can use %n to split the text on multiple lines in NPC name tags
- You can use
%p to use player name in commands like tp %p 100 100 100
- You can use %uuid to use player uuid in commands
- You can use
%eid to use player entity ID in commands
- If you find bugs please report them here:
- Notice that the entity name in /npc spawn command is case sensitive

Need an addon for NPC rotation? Check out NPCRotation by PocketMiner82

Plugin developer:
You can check whether entity is an NPC by checking
or specifically a human NPC

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Latest updates

  1. Update

    Added new entities: - Allay - Axolotl - Frog - GlowSquid - Tadpole - Warden
  2. Update

    > Human NPC: Improved compatibility with modern skins > Made all NPCs immune to fire > New NPC: Goat
  3. Update

    > Improved NPC hitboxes > New NPCs: - Ravager - Block: * Use /npc edit <id> block <block...

Latest reviews

Great plugin i wish this plugin could support waterdogpe:)
All PetteriM1's plugins are amazing including this one. Keep up the great work.
Lots of nice feature. Could add delay for running multiple commands?
Great plugin.Can I carry it to the Minecraft Chinese forum?I will mark the original address.(My English is not very good, please understand)
Yes you can. Just make the download to happen from this site so people will always get the latest version.
great plugin! It would be better if there's a documentation of all the commands we can use. Inputting commands on MCPE is really hard especially on the testing stage. Still gave 5 stars anyway.
Good plugin for warp npcs to lobby and simple enough to set up (as long as you have to do it only once XD)
good plugin , I think you can let command /npc remove and /npc getid is on or off
I think that this plugin should be updated for more compatibility with the latest nukkit versions
What do you mean? What should be changed?
Great plugin
But I don't know how to generate the player model's NPC
/npc spawn Human
Klasse Plugin!
Nur bitte updatet es auf die Minecraft Version 1.12 ^^#
Die Namen der NPCs sind derzeit in den NPCs und man kann sie nicht ordentlich anklicken :)

Class plugin!
Only please update it to the Minecraft version 1.12 ^^ #
The names of the NPCs are currently in the NPCs and you can not click them properly :)
Thank you for the reminder! It's updated now so just redownload the jar.