1. C1oky

    NPC - Non-Player Character 3.0.0

    A very simple plugin to create and edit your NPCs! This plugin requires FormAPI installed! Permission: npc.use Available commands: - /npc spawn - Create npc entity - /npc getID - Get ID entity - /npc list - Get npc entity list - /npc teleport - Teleport entity to you - /npc edit - Open entity...
  2. PetteriM1

    NPC / Slapper 2.4.0

    Simple but good NPC plugin that works with the latest NukkitX version Commands: Spawn NPC: /npc spawn <entity> <name> Remove NPC: /npc remove Get list of all available entities: /npc entities Get entity ID: /npc getid Add console command: /npc addcmd <ID> <cmd> Add player command: /npc...