NPC / Slapper

NPC / Slapper 2.4.0

> New NPCs:
- Ravager
- Block:
* Use /npc edit <id> block <block id:meta> to change the block type
> Improved NPC hitboxes
Fixed score tag saving for human entities & added piglin brute
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Added new entities from 1.16
Fixed human NPC skins on 1.16
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- Added new entities
- Added scoretag support for human NPCs
- Added %uuid placeholder for player UUID
- Added %eid placeholder for player entity ID
- Added support for new skin properties
- Other fixes and performance improvements
Fix human npc skins getting messed up
Made human NPCs work on 1.13 builds. You may need to manually remove old human NPCs to prevent game crashing.
Added support for player names with space