Skill 's split fomat is not : now it is ; now!

- Effect;distance-0-1-10/Player;2;100;2
- Effect;distance-0-1-10/Camp:Kingdom;1;100;5

Use / To split target simplifier and creature type simplifier.
If you want this skill(Like effect,burn,damage) will just use on Player,You can add /Player after the target simplifier,Like line 1.
If you want use on Camp:Kingdom and SpawnPoint is Kingdom,add /Camp:Kingdom, Point:Kingdom
Better ai checkJump(I used copy mobplugin's , now i make some change of this method.

It can walk on the single layer snow/wood carpet or something
include the can through block and if the location's chunk is not loaded,it won't spawn!
There's a new file in plugin folder named 'worldRandomSpawn.yml'

If you want to spawn mob randomly in a world,use this.

 - HumanSlayer:10:50:50:60:2:10000
It means the level named world.Will spawn humanslayer mob.Every player's nearby will spawn.The max amount for every player's nearby is 10.The detect amount distance is 50(player is the centre).The spawn distance is 50(the number bigger,the distance of mob spawn may the far).If the mob of randomSpawn's nearby has no player(Distance is 60),it will kill it self and despawn.The spawn cooldown is 2s.The probability of this mob is 100.00(Here is 10000 = 100.00%,50.00% is 5000)
Fix bugs and change the type of command
the old format is use ':' to split
for some commands need ':' like give special damage item
now use ';' to split
When player join the server or change level to npc's level.the npc's skin will weird.
And i add teleport x+1 z+1 then it works.Idk why!!!!

In a word,bug fixed,so happy!!!!
new skill:


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Fixed {} and {}