1. Sleepybear

    Nukkit for MCBE 1.17.30

    As of Build #899 on Jenkins, NukkitX supports MCBE 1.17.30 with Protocol version 465. As a reminder, NukkitX updates only include protocol updates to allow new clients to connect, no new blocks or features are supported. Should you find any bugs not related to unimplemented content, please...
  2. Josscoder

    ItemsID 1.0.1

    If you encounter any bugs, have suggestions or questions, create an issue Setup 1) Download the latest version here 2) Put the .jar in your plugins folder 3) And finally, start your server! Command /itemid alias /ii. Does not require any permission /ii help | To see all the commands (there...
  3. KrisClem

    NukkitX on Pterodactyl Panel

    Does anyone have any experience deploying a NukkitX server on Pterodactyl Panel? I would normally look to the pakervcp github repository and download the json file then import it in the Panel. However, it indicates that the project has been abandoned and suggests use NukkitX from Cloudburst. My...
  4. MuffinHead

    MRPGNPC 1.2.5

    MRPGNPC A mob plugin with many custom settings 👾For RPG Server👾 What can it do? · Custom skin and model,can make different kind of mob · Custom a lot of property Ex: - The guards that protect the town. - Mob arena. - PC RPG server all have Spawns system now you can have! - Command NPC...
  5. edgi

    impossible to change the parameters

    it is impossible to change the parameters of the world in the minecraft client. The rights of the Player are full Operator. No plugins installed. Settings in the nukkit.yml file were not made, all by default. The server is installed using the "AMP - CubeCoders" control panel on the Ubuntu server...
  6. Kazuk

    NukkitX 2.0 Plugin Development Error

    I'm creating a plugin using NukkitX API 2.0 where if you hit a player with a bow it will display in chat from a config file that %name% is now at %health% I'm getting this error Operator '==' cannot be applied to 'cn.nukkit.utils.Identifier', 'int' public void onDamageByBow(EntityDamageEvent...
  7. C1oky

    FormAPI 2.1-SNAPSHOT

    # FormAPI | NukkitX Simple API for creating forms (MCBE Nukkit) Usage example: SimpleForm: SimpleForm form = new SimpleForm("Test form") .setContent("Some kind of test text should be written here.") .addButton("Button") .addButton("Button with a picture", ImageType.PATH...
  8. skilo

    Developer Problems :(

    Hello, I’m skil, and I need a developer for my server. I have been spending most my year trying to find a good developer. Most of the developers i messaged for help were the biggest pain in the but i ever Dealed with. Always offline, Never get back to you, And some make up stories to get out of...
  9. TheEvPatch

    [FIX] How do I use custom Worlds?!?!?!?!

    How on earth do I use custom worlds??? I know Nukkit uses java edition worlds so I copy and pasted all the files from the world I wanted into the worlds/world/ folder and replaced the old files yet when I log onto the server its opens the old world yet there doesn't seem to be any place that...
  10. MrReskill

    ClaimChunk 1.0

    THIS PLUGIN NEED MYSQL DATABASE. Needs help with the plugin ? The plugin supports EconomyAPI Commands: /chunk help /chunk claim /chunk unclaim /chunk unclaimall /chunk addplayer /chunk removeplayer (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaim (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaimall
  11. P

    NukkitX World to Win10 Singleplayer world

    I have been working on a map on a NukkitX server since it has WorldEdit. When I tried moving the world folder from the server into my singleplayer worlds folder, it showed a world with no name. On opening it, it showed an ocean, and if you tried to save and quit, it crashed. I tried running an...
  12. M

    Custom Death Message 1.0.0

    This is a Death Message plugin that is created by me and my dev team, it consists of various Java edition features that Bedrock edition doesn't have yet. Including support for all death cases, features to show the name of the weapon that is used for attacking, and a config.yml file that is...