[FIX] How do I use custom Worlds?!?!?!?!

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How on earth do I use custom worlds???
I know Nukkit uses java edition worlds so I copy and pasted all the files from the world I wanted into the worlds/world/ folder and replaced the old files yet when I log onto the server its opens the old world yet there doesn't seem to be any place that that old world could be stored within the filesystem please tell me how to use a world that has been edited by players.

UPDATE: Guys you don't need a good pc forge or a java server just go into your nukkit folder (make sure the server isn't running) delete the folders "logs" "players" and "resource_packs" then open the folder "worlds" delete "nether" and the content of "world" then copy/paste the files from your java edition world (there should be a level.dat session.lock and a folder named "region" filled with .mca files) into "world" and run your server then it should use the world you copied the files from. ;)

P.S. you don't need to pay @LinuxLogo for this.

P.P.S. if you want to use a bedrock edition world then you can use MCCToolChestPE to convert it to java format but you need to have Visual Studio 2015 C++ installed alternatively, you can use anvil to leveldb converter, just run the jar file, you don't need to use it as a plugin also you need java installed, but you probably already have it if you have a nukkit server.
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how would I go about doing this???
you can use forge with world edit and /wb fill the radius you want pregenerated or use spigot and world edit plugin to pregenerate the same way: /wb fill whatever radius. If you do it on a local computer with forge you need a pretty decent computer or it will take a very long time. Same with on a server needs to be amazing specs to generate

or pay me and I’ll do it for you! :D