1. nixybuilder

    Will nukkit update?

    Hello, i found out many items that are in the game doesnt even work. Like barrels, you can make them but then they just dont work. Its missing so many items from few years old versions of mcpe. I just want to ask if it will be added or did the development stopped or what, just someone tell me. Ty
  2. V

    Raspberry Pi Server: Bedrock World Import

    I'm trying to run a local server off of a Raspberry Pi using Nukkit. I am able to get the server running fine, but my issue is that I'd like to import a pre-existing bedrock world for this server to be running. I have tried putting the world folder into the worlds directory, along with changing...
  3. R

    NearbyPlayers 1.0

    This Nukkit plugin allows players to easily check who is nearby in the game world. You can customize radius using the near.radius.* permission, where * represents the number of blocks for detection.
  4. WilliamAcosta

    How can I add custom 3D models to NPCs?

    Hey everyone, I hope you're doing well. I'm trying to add custom 3D models with animations to my Nikkit server, but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm reaching out here to see if anyone can provide guidance on implementing models, custom menus, and similar features like the servers on Cubecraft, The...
  5. Ningali

    Experimental NWorldEdit 2.1.4

    # NWorldEditor World editor for CloudBrustMC(Nukkitx). Warning: this version only Indonesian languange only [for eng may next update] ## Additional functions - Block random batch installation ## Main functions. - Block batch random installation (/set[id:meta,id:meta,...]) - Block batch...
  6. F

    Block sniper for nukkit

    Does nukkit have block sniper ?
  7. F

    how convert pocketmine world to nukkit

    I copied pocketmine world to worlds (nukkit server) but it doesn't work, can anyone help me?
  8. Josscoder

    JNPC 1.0.0

    📙 Description Library to manage npcs on your Nukkit server | IMPLEMENTATION OF 3D ENTITIES by Textures! 📖 Features - [x] Spawn any entity in minecraft - [x] Entity scales - [x] Fully manageable tag - [x] 3D entities with animations - [x] Click interaction - [x] Simple API - [ ] Emote support...
  9. immanuel

    Fill chests in level

    How can I select 10 chests from all the chests in a world/level and an apple will be automatically placed in them?
  10. Josscoder

    Experimental JBridgeLobbyNukkit

    See everything here:
  11. kisaragi

    Docker: openjdk is deprecated

    Note: this applies both Nukkit and Cloudburst. openjdk is deprecated now, I think we should find an alternative. Some of alternatives are listed on there. Please note that, current image contains major vunerabilities through openjdk.
  12. Catrainbow

    NoCheatPlus 1.0.0-c6d5184-b144

    We are still in develpoment! If you want to join us or support us, please go to our github: NoCheatPlus Contact us Discord:
  13. wilithegame

    Quant et comment nukkit 1.19 ?

    Bonjour j'ai un serveur nukkit et ma commue me demande quant se fera le passage a l 1.19 possible d'avoir des infos ?
  14. BlockMagicDev

    UnlimitedSlot 1.0

    Getting started ✨ A plugin for Nukkit gives the server unlimited slots Features - Gives the server unlimited slots - Easy to use
  15. S

    All these plugins and still no Lifesteal.

    Is there a specific reason this hasn't been made yet? I mean lifesteal was such a huge thing for awhile. I haven't been able to find any nukkit lifesteal plugins and using Pokkit no Bukkit or Spigot lifesteal plugins work. It'd be the best if it was made for the PM1E version of Nukkit haha.
  16. BlockMagicDev

    BetterBroadcaster 1.0

    ✨ Broadcasting System plugin for Nukkit Supported Nukkit API 1.0.0 Documentation Configuration (config.yml): broadcaster-interval: 40 # Seconds prefix: "[ Broadcaster ]" messages: - "Message 1" - "Message 2" - "Message 3"
  17. L

    MYSQL Database Config With Plugin

    I am trying to set up a MYSQL database for the ClaimChunk Plugin but every time i go to start the server it throws the following error. java.lang.RuntimeException: cn.nukkit.utils.PluginException: Plugin attempted to register com.claimchunk.listeners.Join while not enabled at...
  18. R

    How could I convert BedrockSever1.18 world to Nukkit?

    I have create a MC server via BDS 1.18, some players has bulit their own buildings. I‘m going to use Nukkit instead of BedrockSever. I tried to use MCCTool Chest and WorldFix plugin, but it did'nt work. This is a photo of the world which i converted. Is there a method to convert comletely?
  19. TuEG I x5ucht1x

    Quest/Challenge Plugin for Skyblock

    Hello, we are looking for a quest/challenge plugin for a skyblock server. We are using PowerNukkit We are also willing to pay of course. Please reply or send me a message on Discord. TuEG I x5ucht1x#0101
  20. K

    Redstone System Bug

    hello, annually I created a serve nukkit and soon after creating it I tested the vanilla items to see if it was working normally, when I tried to use some RedStone items and none of them worked, the RedStone signal system does not work, what do I do?