1. T

    Tracking players using some kind of unique id?

    Hey guys! I just stepped into this whole Bedrock Edition world and was wondering how I could be able track players even after name changes, etc. While simply using the player's UUID in bukkit it seems there is a bit of controversy about it here with nukkit. So how am I able to track players...
  2. C1oky

    BuildersHelp 1.0

    The plugin is designed for builders to facilitate their construction. Main command /w.
  3. C1oky

    Broadcaster 1.2.1

    Broadcaster is an advanced Broadcasting plugin for Cloudburst Nukkit. Config: There is a command for broadcasting messages in real time: /broadcast <message> permission: broadcast
  4. PineappleBox

    Worlds not loading in Nukkit

    I am trying to run a NikkitX server using the following plugins: - Welcome 1.0 - EssentialsNK 1.5.0 - AntiDrop 1.2.0 - Pets 1.0.1 - Holograms 2. I am running Nukkit version Nukkit git-26bed2e. I am running the following world file: However, when I load the world, I...
  5. skilo

    Someone please delete this fourm please.

  6. C1oky

    Welcome 2.1

    BossBar and Title for welcome a player when join your server! You can edit the name in the config. Screenshot: Configuration file: ## Available placeholders: # %player_name% - get the player's name # %player_displayname% - get the player's display name # %player_ping% - get the...
  7. Samyocord

    Multiple Commands dont work

    Hello, so I started getting into Nukkit-Plugin-Development. Now I've tried to add more commands than one in multiple classes. Here is the commands-section of my plugin.yml: commands: random: description: Wähle einen zufälligen Spieler addwarp: description: Fuege einen Warp hinzu...
  8. charliea21

    Nukkit Installer 1.0

    Tired of going all the way to the Jenkins build every time you want to download/update Nukkit? Well Nukkit Installer is just the app for you! Download the Jar and run it! Simple! Nukkit will be installed where the installer is! Try it now!
  9. Denic

    How to create a basic plugin [Part 2]

    INTRODUCTION Hello, in this thread we will be extending what we learned in the last one. If you haven't read that one there will be a link here. In today's thread I will be explaining the basics of the events. If you dont know already, you will have to learn how to navigate through the Javadocs...
  10. ScraM-Team

    ScraM -- Drag-and-Drop Minecraft Coding

    If you or someone you know wants to learn coding in Minecraft, there is no easier way than ScraM. Log in to the server: Then download the designer ( and start coding! It is easy to drag-and-drop professional mods and minigames...
  11. PetteriM1

    [Fix] Cannot connect to a local server

    If you are unable to connect your server which is hosted on the same computer as you try to play on, do this: 1. Close Minecraft if it's open 2. Open Windows PowerShell as administrator and execute the following command: CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt -a...
  12. IntellectualSites

    PlotSquared dev

    { Wiki | Discord | Source | Dev Builds | Legacy Dev Builds | JavaDocs | bstats } The top world management plugin! By Citymonstret & Empire92 & MBon29 & dordsor21 Support PlotSquared: paypal Support is NOT given in thread discussion! Use our discord You must install FAWE and DBLib in order to...
  13. IntellectualSites

    FastAsyncWorldEdit dev

    Chat/Support: [Discord/GitHub/Wiki] *Installation guide on download the wiki Support is NOT given in thread discussion! Use our discord Support FAWE: paypal You must install DBLib in order to run FAWE on Nukkit > What is FAWE and why should I use it? FAWE is designed for efficient world...
  14. SupremeMortal

    Example Plugin 1.0.0

    This is an example plugin created by the authors of Nukkit to help you get an idea of how to use the Nukkit API. Visit our GitHub page and check out the code: Javadocs This plugin will NOT load since it has bogus dependencies which do not exist.