1. tim03we

    Experimental CameraStudio 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

    CameraStudio With the plugin CameraStudio you can make a camera movement, for example to record a live event. It's also good for map presentations, if you want to show the map. Inspired by the Spigot plugin CPCameraStudioReborn. Commands Command Sub-Command Permission Alias /camerastudio...
  2. P

    Pocketmine pluggins?

    Can Pocketmine plugs be used to nukkit server?
  3. H

    I can't connect to server helpppppp!!!!!

    I make a server with Nukkit.It's working but I can't Connect to server plsssssssss helpppppp me please!!! And I Write my computer Ip in and i port forward it but it Doesn't work I can't connect to server pls help me pppplllllssss!!!!
  4. tim03we

    Experimental FuturePlots 1.4.3-SNAPSHOT

    FuturePlots FuturePlots is a future-safe plot plugin, with which you can generate plot worlds and other players can claim plots to build their house or similar. Features Border System (Download) Economy Support EconomyS (EconomyAPI) ToDo MongoDB Support Command Sub-Command...
  5. C1oky

    Dimensions 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    For all questions, contact Issues
  6. superice666

    BlocklyNukkit —— Efficient plugin development framework

    BlocklyNukkit Efficient plugin development framework Welcome Welcome to blocklynukkit! Blocklynukkit is a complete set of quick and simple high efficiency plug-in development framework from the beginning to the high-level, solve the problem of new people or developers who want to develop...
  7. PocketMiner82


    This Server has been closed.
  8. Abled Gaming564

    I want to know plugins that every server should have. And do PocketMine plugins work with Nukkit?

    I have created a Nukkit server and now I am looking for plugins so, can you tell me plugins that you think every server should have? And I also want to know that does PocketMine plugins work with Nukkit Servers?
  9. Bagel

    New survival server!

  10. LucGamesHD

    2.0 ScoreboardAPI 2.1.0

    New version! I release the ScoreboardAPI for Nukkit 2.0! The old version of the ScoreboardAPI for nukkit 1.0+ is only available on GitHub. Repository & Dependency: <repository> <id>releases</id> <url></url> </repository>...
  11. SupremeMortal

    Nukkit 2.0 Alpha

    Nukkit 2.0 is now in alpha with support for blocks above ID 255 (old chunk format limitation), LevelDB support, faster chunk loading and a variety of other features that listed are below. This build is NOT intended to be used in production environments as there are still major bugs that could...
  12. C1oky

    FormAPI 2.1-SNAPSHOT

    # FormAPI | NukkitX Simple API for creating forms (MCBE Nukkit) Usage example: SimpleForm: SimpleForm form = new SimpleForm("Test form") .setContent("Some kind of test text should be written here.") .addButton("Button") .addButton("Button with a picture", ImageType.PATH...
  13. Denic

    How to create a basic plugin [part 4]

    INTRODUCTION In this tutorial we will be extending the 3 previous tutorials. This tutorial will be mainly focused on applying the knowledge you've learned thus far to make a functional AND useful plugin. We will be recreating my Hud Plugin in this tutorial.The Javadocs will be referred to a lot...
  14. skilo

    Developer Problems :(

    Hello, I’m skil, and I need a developer for my server. I have been spending most my year trying to find a good developer. Most of the developers i messaged for help were the biggest pain in the but i ever Dealed with. Always offline, Never get back to you, And some make up stories to get out of...
  15. TheEvPatch

    [FIX] How do I use custom Worlds?!?!?!?!

    How on earth do I use custom worlds??? I know Nukkit uses java edition worlds so I copy and pasted all the files from the world I wanted into the worlds/world/ folder and replaced the old files yet when I log onto the server its opens the old world yet there doesn't seem to be any place that...
  16. MrReskill

    ClaimChunk 1.0

    THIS PLUGIN NEED MYSQL DATABASE. Needs help with the plugin ? The plugin supports EconomyAPI Commands: /chunk help /chunk claim /chunk unclaim /chunk unclaimall /chunk addplayer /chunk removeplayer (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaim (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaimall
  17. skilo

    Looking for a experienced developer for my nukkit server

    Hello, I’m SkilasticYT. And i am a server owner. I created a bedwars server in the past and I want to convert my bedwars plugin from pocketmine to nukkit. However, I run into the problem of finding the right developer for the job based on other stuff. I also have other things that i need for my...
  18. TricolorHen061

    Experimental Nukkit installer (For Linux)

    This is a simple program written in Python to install Nukkit on your Linux system. This can be useful for people who don't know a lot about the Linux terminal and installing stuff. NOTE: If this is your first time running this, you need to run: cd && mkdir NukkitServerFiles After you run that...
  19. ZeroK

    ZCommandTracker 1.0.0

    NO COMMAND Download it to your plugin folder and enjoy it!
  20. Justin

    ChestUI in Nukkit

    Hello, I want to create a ChestUI for my plugin. It requires only one page. Well, I have really no clue how to create a ChestUI in Nukkit. Can someone help me with that? Best regards, Schdow