BlocklyNukkit —— Efficient plugin development framework

BlocklyNukkit —— Efficient plugin development framework

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Efficient plugin development framework

Welcome to blocklynukkit!
Blocklynukkit is a complete set of quick and simple high efficiency plug-in development framework from the beginning to the high-level, solve the problem of new people or developers who want to develop plug-ins but are difficult to get started or have no development conditions, so that you can quickly zero-based hand-developing plug-ins and quickly learn the essence of the development plug-in, do not care about useless tedious details, and realize their own ideas!

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Target users
  • Zero-basic introduction to nukkit plug-in development beginners
  • A server owner who wants to realize his ideas quickly
  • Nukkit plug-in developer without a computer or java compilation environment
  • Want to develop plugins but can only use python or javascript
  • Developers looking to acquire new skills
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How to develop
The “BN” and “bn” below refer to ”BlocklyNukkit“
Develop with a graphical editor
One of the biggest features of Blockly Nukkit is that it provides a simple, fast, efficient graphical editor for people without any programming experience or foundation, and with a graphical editor that allows you to quickly implement simple plug-ins in a drag-and-drop puzzle-like way like scratch, and can be packaged directly into jar releases.
To use the Blockly Nukkit graphics editor, simply open
For French users, open
Please note that French translations are self-contributed by the user and not maintained by the development team. If you would also like to contribute to the translation of your own language, please refer to the Translation Contributions tutorial
For English users, the development team is working English translation, please be patient, we will add English translation around July 11

You can learn how to use it at BN Tutorial Library at
Or learn how to use it in our qq group 953752196
You can also communicate and learn from our discord server
bn graphical editor presentation:

Developing with JavaScript
Blockly Nukkit offers a proven solution for JavaScript development plug-ins that you can use to develop plug-ins. We have written JavaScript development documents and supporting vscode plug-ins for easy development, and the developed code can be packaged directly into a jar package for release, see

Develop with python
Blockly Nukkit provides the ability to develop python in the latest version, supporting direct import of all standard native python libraries and all java libraries, and you can also directly import classes, functions, and objects from other plug-ins. For more information, see

Note: Python development documents have not yet been completed and we will provide them as soon as possible, thank you for your support and understanding
(The entire development team is just 3 people, two of them students, we really don't have enough time)
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Latest updates

  1. Fix bugs -Fixed the problem of bnnpc and BN floating words disappearing New features...
  2. released

    ## Entity - BNNPC buildNPC(Position pos,String name,String skinID,int calltick,String...
  3. LTS version release

    Class library manager -Now the class library manager can install the module directly. For now...

Latest reviews

Great plugin, I don't think you should give it a bad grade because of the language!Please evaluate objectively!
Useless because it's not in english and not oppsition for english. The create said they were adding english with in a few days of this post that it should be done.... But it;s been a month don't try
The English version made by our team is testing in another fourm. As you can see on our git repository, the translate API comes out two weeks ago.We invited some volunteers to help us translate. The English version was made 10 days ago, but we had to postpone the release of the English version due to our rough translation and its abnormal operation under the Chinese kernel.We attach great importance to users of English and other languages, so we have reconstructed the kernel from the bottom layer to support more languages, not only Chinese and English. The new kernel was made the day before yesterday. We are making the English version, and then we will consider French and other languages.We are very sorry for the trouble caused by the lack of English version.We will release the multilingual version as soon as possible.Thank you!
I would be happy for you to send a list of sentences and words and i can use google translate here in Ireland and send them back to you!
OK! I'll try my best to do this in the next version!
Easy To Use, love the concept, but I can't understand a thing!
Works well but Google can't translate everything I'm afraid. It would be great if I could understand it.
Hey, this plugin is very easy to use. However, an error will be reported after the server is opened. I hope it can be fixed.
It will be fixed in the next version. thanks for your report!
No English support? Please add that so I can use this plugin. (And so can many other people too :D)
Hello! We are trying best to support. English will be support in a few days . Thanks!
Would it not be possible for you to upload the words to Nukkit and have someone else outside the text translate and send you the translation?
It's really a great initiative to allow people to design their own plugins.
But the problem is that most of the users are from various countries outside of China. And an English version, so international, would help a lot!
Because personally I can't try it... I don't understand anything.
And google translation can't translate this site :/

PS : Can you update the website too?
The developers of BlocklyNukkit is trying our best to making an English version! It will came out in a few days! Thanks for your review!
you would need to use google translate to redo the whole page if you want i can try to copy all the code and rewrite it into english
Hello! Welcome to help make an English version, thank you!