1. Trollhunters501

    Experimental AnvilConvert 1.0

    AnvilConvert Convert MCregion worlds to Anvil in Nukkit! Dependencies: JSEngineNK Libs: AnvilConverter Installation: paste the JavaScript file in the plugins/JSEngineNK folder, Unpack the zip file Done! Use: Recommendation: that no player is on the server lying, converting or doing...
  2. nixybuilder

    Position saving for survival world?

    Does anyone have plugin that overwrite worldmanager coordinates and teleports player to correct coordinates where player left? Lets say i left in world survival at 255 8 255 and when i do /warp lobby and then /mv tp survival (that is set on npc) i get teleported again to coordinates where is the...
  3. V

    Raspberry Pi Server: Bedrock World Import

    I'm trying to run a local server off of a Raspberry Pi using Nukkit. I am able to get the server running fine, but my issue is that I'd like to import a pre-existing bedrock world for this server to be running. I have tried putting the world folder into the worlds directory, along with changing...
  4. F

    how convert pocketmine world to nukkit

    I copied pocketmine world to worlds (nukkit server) but it doesn't work, can anyone help me?
  5. HaiYTB

    Discontinued KnockbackModifier 1.0.0

    A knockback modifier plugin Note: This plugin is not mine
  6. immanuel

    Fill chests in level

    How can I select 10 chests from all the chests in a world/level and an apple will be automatically placed in them?

    NoDamage 1.0

    Disables damage on a specific world If you want to give ideas or report bugs, you can write me on Discord. CONFIG: worlds: - worldone - worldtwo
  8. R

    How could I convert BedrockSever1.18 world to Nukkit?

    I have create a MC server via BDS 1.18, some players has bulit their own buildings. I‘m going to use Nukkit instead of BedrockSever. I tried to use MCCTool Chest and WorldFix plugin, but it did'nt work. This is a photo of the world which i converted. Is there a method to convert comletely?
  9. GottenFiber5546

    How to change the generation of the world?

    Hello, does anyone know how to change the generation of the world on Nukkit so that it looks more like the Bedrock version of Minecraft than the Java?
  10. Galaxy

    Import custom World

    Hey guys, I've already tried to use a Java world and a mcpe world in Nukkit. Both were identical worlds with a spawn. Of course I have changed the name of the Welct in the However, I always come out in a different world and the spawn does not exist. Does anyone have any idea...
  11. PetteriM1

    MultiNether 1.0.1

    MultiNether allows you to have multiple nether worlds linked to different overworld worlds. Just add world names into the list in config.yml and new nether worlds will be generated for them on next server startup. For all other worlds the default nether world is used. This plugin also adds some...
  12. PetteriM1

    WorldSpawns 1.0

    WorldSpawns With this plugin you can make players to respawn in the same world as they die in You can exclude certain worlds by adding them to the 'excludedWorlds' list in config.yml Do you need a multiworld inventory and gamemode system? Check out WorldEssentials Want to support the...
  13. Buddelbubi.

    WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.2.0

    First of all I should show you all features: Teleport to another world World-Teleport-UI World-Generation UI generate new worlds (every generator and seed is possible) Delete a world list all worlds. Loaded and unloaded worlds load and unload and even reload worlds rename worlds...
  14. Aenoxic

    Discontinued EmptyWorldGen 1.0.0

    EmptyWorldGen It's never been so easily to create empty world on NukkitX! Now with form features! Current Commands: Command Description Permission needed /emptycreate <name> Creates an empty world! emptygen.command.emptycreate PLEASE NOTE! - EmptyWorldGen cannot delete created levels! -...
  15. C1oky

    Dimensions 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    For all questions, contact Issues
  16. hdfhtt

    Weird World Spawning (Nukkit 2.0)

    Hello, I am new to this community, just want to inform or use some of your help. I currently making plugins specifically gamemode on my server running Nukkit 2.0 Alpha because of some reason. The problem is when I generate a new world, it will spawn normally (Player 1) on 0, y, 0 coordinate...
  17. Abled Gaming564

    How can I create normal Worlds

    Hello, I have created Dedicated Bedrock Server but left it because it does not have plugins support then I created PocketMine Server and left it because it does not have skin support and now I have created Nukkit Server but every time I create a world it just gives me a world with a spawn in...
  18. chex

    Help? Seed Not Working?

    could someone help me with the seed section of the nukkit.yml file. Everytime i input a seed, it seems to default back to the same seed
  19. TheEvPatch

    [FIX] How do I use custom Worlds?!?!?!?!

    How on earth do I use custom worlds??? I know Nukkit uses java edition worlds so I copy and pasted all the files from the world I wanted into the worlds/world/ folder and replaced the old files yet when I log onto the server its opens the old world yet there doesn't seem to be any place that...
  20. TheEvPatch


    How on earth do I get a resource pack to load on a world??? do I create a folder named "resource_packs" in the /worlds/world folder and plop it in or dose it have to be a file because nukkit runs java worlds, and dose it have to be a bedrock edition resource pack or a java edition one