1. PetteriM1

    WorldBorder 1.3.1

    WorldBorder Make players to stay inside certain area around the world spawn Features: - Option to select in which worlds the plugin is enabled - Option to prevent teleporting outside the border - Option to kill vehicles that pass the border - Option to teleport players back to spawn if they...
  2. ScraM-Team

    Has anyone tried Chunky with a Nukkit map?

    Chunky is a nifty rendering tool for Minecraft worlds: Unfortunately, it seems to not work completely with Nukkit worlds. The chunks are visible in the chunk viewer, but the render view never shows anything, only blue sky in every direction. If anyone tries it...
  3. IntellectualSites

    PlotSquared dev

    { Wiki | Discord | Source | Dev Builds | Legacy Dev Builds | JavaDocs | bstats } The top world management plugin! By Citymonstret & Empire92 & MBon29 & dordsor21 Support PlotSquared: paypal Support is NOT given in thread discussion! Use our discord You must install FAWE and DBLib in order to...
  4. IntellectualSites

    FastAsyncWorldEdit dev

    Chat/Support: [Discord/GitHub/Wiki] *Installation guide on download the wiki Support is NOT given in thread discussion! Use our discord Support FAWE: paypal You must install DBLib in order to run FAWE on Nukkit > What is FAWE and why should I use it? FAWE is designed for efficient world...
  5. ZeroDev

    Experimental WorldTpGUI 0.0.3

    Allows Admins to teleport between worlds with a simple UI in Nukkit get the latest version ( here ) Config Example: commands: /wtpui item: 339 (paper as default)