1. TheEvPatch

    [FIX] How do I use custom Worlds?!?!?!?!

    How on earth do I use custom worlds??? I know Nukkit uses java edition worlds so I copy and pasted all the files from the world I wanted into the worlds/world/ folder and replaced the old files yet when I log onto the server its opens the old world yet there doesn't seem to be any place that...
  2. SupremeMortal

    Experimental LevelDB Viewer 1.0.0

    A Java program that allows you to view and edit key-value entries in a LevelDB database which is used in the Minecraft Bedrock world format. How to run: Install Java 8 or above. Double click on the jar file and the GUI should pop up.
  3. M

    Custom Death Message 1.0.0

    This is a Death Message plugin that is created by me and my dev team, it consists of various Java edition features that Bedrock edition doesn't have yet. Including support for all death cases, features to show the name of the weapon that is used for attacking, and a config.yml file that is...
  4. charliea21

    Nukkit Installer 1.0

    Tired of going all the way to the Jenkins build every time you want to download/update Nukkit? Well Nukkit Installer is just the app for you! Download the Jar and run it! Simple! Nukkit will be installed where the installer is! Try it now!