1. L

    Mobs and Animals don´t spawn

    After I created my Nukkit Server I played for a while and then recognized that no mobs and animals are spawning. So I made me an OP and set my gamemode to creative. I spawned some animals and mobs and set my gamemode to survival. But when i hit them the don´t interacted and were standing on the...
  2. PetteriM1

    Pets 1.6.5

    With this plugin you can give players mobs as pets. You can feed pets to get xp, put them sit or let them to follow you and feint mobs - they don't take any damage! Commands: /pet add [player] <pet> - Add a pet /pet remove [player] - Remove a pet /pet list - List available pets /callpet -...
  3. PetteriM1

    MobPlugin 1.26.3

    This plugin adds animals and monsters including AI, spawning and spawners to Cloudburst Nukkit Bug reports here: Please do not use the reviews section for bug reports or feature requests. Always use the latest official plugin and Nukkit...