MobPlugin 1.26.0

- Updated walking speed for some mobs
- Zombified piglins spawn in groups of 2-4‌ and check light level
- Fixed nearby zombified piglins not becoming aggressive on attack
- Fixed breeding animals not dropping xp
- Fixed slimes changing their size incorrectly
- Some improvements to mob movement
- Withers can now break blocks (set mob griefing gamerule false to disable)
- Fixed fishes trying to swim out of water
- Fixed an issue with flying mob movement
- Fixed walking mob targetting & them sometimes getting stuck on top of a cliff
- Animals now spawn in groups
- More mobs can now spawn as a baby
- Improved flying & swimming mob movement
- Improved performance by not ticking mob movement outside view distance
- Spawners no longer spawn for spectators
- Other improvements to mob spawning
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- Fixed saddled mobs not dropping the saddle when killed
- Fixed drowned getting hand item when it shouldn't
- You can now breed rabbits
- Fixed slimes spawning on wrong biomes
- Skeleton and stray now hold their bow when attacking players
- Fixed water mob spawning
- Increased enderman follow range
- Added crossbows to piglins
- Fixed drowned trident despawning & no pickup
- Striders can now walk on lava
- Ghasts and blazes no longer follow players
- Llamas can now spit when attacked
- Zombies now save the armor they spawn with
- Zombies can now drop the armor they spawn with
- Added llama and strider spawning (enable in the config)
- Made improvements to mob spawning
- Some mobs should not take fall damage
- Other fixes and improvements
- Added breeding
- Added music disc drops
- Updated armor defense points, support for netherite & turtle shell
- Improved mob aim
- Improved enderman teleport