MobPlugin 1.26.3

- Fixed sheep wool colors
- Fixed wolf collar colors
- Improved cow and mooshroom milking
- Let withers target animals
- Let walking mobs be pushed by water
- Custom mobs can now be made to follow entities other than players
- Improved wolves (Thanks to GoodLucky777)
- Fixed golems staying angry even after killing a player
- Villagers no longer despawn
- Explosions no longer cause damage in water (Nukkit/40c015e)
- Other fixes and improvements aiming at vanilla behaviour
- Fix mobs fall damage
- Fishes can now be put to buckets
- Drowneds with tridents can now shoot them
- Other fixes and improvements
- Fixed rider input for strider
- Fixed ghasts being in fire when they were in lava
- Made ignited creepers not explode instantly
- Striders can be saddled
- Added xp and bones to fish mob drops
- No silverfish spawning if the block is broken with silk touch enchanted tool
- Improved bucket usage with cows and mooshrooms
- Other fixes
- Fixed saddled animals despawning
- Fixed golems not attacking players
- Fixed interacting entities with renamed items not working
- Other bug fixes
- Correct damage for piglins without swords
- Added piglin spawning (enable it in config)
- Improvements to bees behavior
- Poison effect to cave spider attack
- Performance improvements to mob spawning
- Other fixes and improvements
- Made strays drop slowness arrows
- Set invulnerable ticks for spawned withers
- Correct max health for strider
- Other small tweaks
- Fixes for creepers