MobPlugin 1.21.2

- Improvements for endermans

- Fixes and improvements

- Fixed milk bucket disappearing
- Made command args case insensitive

- Fixed mobs spawning too near of players
- Added some new options and comments about settings to config (need to delete the old config)
- Added panic behavior for animals
- Improved the aim of shooting mobs
- Fixed angry level not decreasing
- Using events and methods from latest Nukkit builds
- Iron golems doesn't despawn
- Improved mob spawner entity checks
- Support for game rules by wode490390
- Fixed iron golem attacking wolves
- Fixed despawning
- Added light level check to mob spawner
- Improved attack delays

- Added warning of spawning settings
- Implement gamerule doMobSpawning
- Fix mobs hitting too fast
- Made mobs disappear on peaceful difficulty
- Ender dragon cannot be named
- Name tags doesn't drop in vanilla
- Despawning can be disabled by setting despawn ticks to -1
- Made pufferfish puff
- Tweaked default spawning config
- Some improvements
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- No fall damage for chickens
- Llamas are not controllable
- Horse controlling v1
- Fixed zombies
- Made sheeps regain their wool
- Added sword for vex

- Do not spawn entities inside blocks
- Make all rideable entities rideable (but still not controlable yet)
- Add all sizes and splitting on death for slimes and magma cubes
- Zombies can now convert to drowneds
- Make fireballs change their direction when player hits them
- Spawn chickens from eggs and endermites from ender pearls
- Other improvements
- Improved spawn limits logic (WARNING: The limit config is now entities per 100 blocks range from the position. Using valuer higher than 3 in config is NOT recommended.)
- Other improvements
- Improvements
- Fixes and improvements