MobPlugin 1.26.3

- Added crossbows to piglins
- Fixed drowned trident despawning & no pickup
- Striders can now walk on lava
- Ghasts and blazes no longer follow players
- Llamas can now spit when attacked
- Zombies now save the armor they spawn with
- Zombies can now drop the armor they spawn with
- Added llama and strider spawning (enable in the config)
- Made improvements to mob spawning
- Some mobs should not take fall damage
- Other fixes and improvements
- Added breeding
- Added music disc drops
- Updated armor defense points, support for netherite & turtle shell
- Improved mob aim
- Improved enderman teleport
- Improvements for flying mobs
- Fixed projectiles shot by mobs not being updated on chunks further away from player
- Added Warden, Frog & Tadpole
- Fixed riding on the latest Nukkit version
- Implemented tropical fish variants
- Fixes and improvements to the API
- Flying entities do trigger pressure plates
- Fixed stray's arrow particles
- Fixed getName not always returning custom names
- Improved drowned drops
- Made allays spawnable
- Reduced plugin jar size
- Other fixes and improvements
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Fix horses becoming saddled on their own
- Added drops for hoglins
- Axolotls, glow squids and goats can now be spawned
- Donkeys can now be chested (inventory not supported yet)
- Improvements to mobs collision with flowing water
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[*] This version contains several changes to the config file. Please check the updated config file before using it in production.

- Added hoglin spawning
- Improved mob spawners
- Added more config options for mob spawers
- Creepers exploding blocks can now be disabled in the config
- Creation of golems and withers can now be disabled in the config