GAC 1.4.0

Compatible API Versions
build 72
Simple AntiCheat plugin which goal is to strictly and quickly detect and prevent cheating.

This plugin requires KotlinLib installed!

new-raknet compatible build can be found here

GAC should block:
  • fly
  • speed
  • aimbots
  • glide
  • highjump
  • jesus
  • nuker
  • speedmine
  • teleport
  • noclip
  • reach
  • spider
  • fast ladder
  • fast jump
  • bhop

GAC doesn't (can't) block:
  • hitbox (for now)
  • kill aura (doesn't exist fortunately)

GAC supports:
  • custom motion (e.g. plugins like NXBooster or Double Jump)
  • kicking cheaters (bans aren't implemented due to reliability)

GAC doesn't support or doesn't check players on:
  • cobweb
  • elytra
  • vehicles
  • creative or with fly/noclip enabled
  • sprinting and jumping on ice (sometimes)
  • very fast teleport (multiple times per second) might cause glitches

#GAC configuration file
version: 1 #do not modify this

#whether GAC will be active in all levels (if not changed below) or not
default_active: true

#add all worlds where AC should be in the opposite state than #default_active property
excluded_levels: [""]
#excluded_levels: ["world1", "test", "survival world"]

#if true, plugin will kick the player if detects cheats
kick_players: true

#if true, anticheat will checks even OP players
check_ops: false

#manage all available checks (enable/disable)
  speed: true #vertical and horizontal speed
  fly: true #fly and other invalid movement checks
  speedmine: true
  nuker: false #checks if player can see the block (this check takes a bit more CPU than other checks)
  glide: true
  teleport: true
  noclip: true
  spam: true
  reach: true
  aimbot: true

  spam_delay: 8 #delay between messages #currently not implemented
  hit_range: 4 #max hit range

#Currently GAC is not able to perform movement checking while using elytra
#Which means player could use elytra to abuse anticheat
#This option disables the elytra so players aren't able to use it
enable_elytra: false
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Latest updates

  1. Version 1.4.0

    - Fix compatibility fix latest nukkit - Bump kotlin version
  2. Version 1.3.9

    - fix compatibility with latest nukkit
  3. Version 1.3.8

    - Fix NPE - keep line numbers for exceptions

Latest reviews

When the server starts it doesn't work and I have all its dependencies I don't have any other plugins either.
when I start the server from the GAC and enter the world, the server shuts down
thank you for Update! Best plugin for cheaters :DDDD
I have an error when loading 1.16.210. Here is the error:

Loading GAC v1.3.8
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] FATAL Could not load plugin
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO java.lang.NullPointerException: null
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at ~[?:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cz.creeperface.nukkit.gac.V.<init>(GACNetworkInterface.kt:30) ~[?:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at ~[?:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cz.creeperface.nukkit.gac.GTAnticheat.<init>(GTAnticheat.kt:36) ~[?:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) ~[?:1.8.0_211]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance( ~[?:1.8.0_211]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance( ~[?:1.8.0_211]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance( ~[?:1.8.0_211]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at java.lang.Class.newInstance( ~[?:1.8.0_211]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.plugin.JavaPluginLoader.loadPlugin( ~[custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.plugin.PluginManager.loadPlugin( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.plugin.PluginManager.loadPlugins( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.plugin.PluginManager.loadPlugins( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.plugin.PluginManager.loadPlugins( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.plugin.PluginManager.loadPlugins( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.Server.<init>( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] INFO at cn.nukkit.Nukkit.main( [custom.jar:?]
08.04 21:12:34 [Server] FATAL Could not load plugin "GAC"
Hello CreeperFace, I Downloaded the Plugin but there is a problem, GAC Plugin can't load, I even used the latest version and the required plugin. Can you fix it? Also Nukkit BE Version is 1.16.200. If there is Raknet Compatibility required thing maybe problem, then the Dropbox link expired.
Hello! Plugin is very good, but I have a problem: it pulls players back when they jump with jump boost effect. Can you fix it?
thank for protect my server from cheater !
No problem or bug for me ^^
Works Amazingly On Normal Nukkit! I Would Love It Though If You Could Make It Compatible With Nukkit new-raknet builds!
Thank you, I'll look into new raknet builds and see how GAC works there
It's cool, But can kick people for falling down a high height, and theirs NO anticheat log, as well as there should be warnings, which don't exist, Please add this!
Great plugin
But it has a lot of bug
Was pulled back on the boat
Fly with wings and be pulled back
Pulled back when walking some special squares
Hope to improve