GunWar 1.4.0

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Configuration file switch individual HP calculation​
Configuration file switch non-GunWar plug-in weapon damage​
The player must be less than 3 blocks away when picking up the flag​
flag teleport issue​
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[~]Fixed the problem when the gun loading time is short
[~]Fixed the name color problem after exchanging teams in blast mode
[~] Rewrite the language file part, the old language file is no longer valid, the advantage of the new language system is that it can be updated automatically
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[~] Compatible with RsNPCX 1.3.0 version, fixed an error when RsNPCX is not installed
Now it can be used normally without installing the RsNPCX plugin​
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[~]Fix the problem of closing bomb entities
[+] Docking with RsNpcX to add variable for the number of people in the room (only available in RsNpcX 1.2.0 and above)
{GunWarRoomPlayerNumberAll} The number of players in all rooms​
{GunWarRoomPlayerNumberclassic} The number of players in the classic mode room​
{GunWarRoomPlayerNumberctf} Number of players in Capture the Flag mode room​
{GunWarRoomPlayerNumberblasting} The number of players in the blasting mode room​
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[+] Being attacked will interrupt bomb placement and demolition
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[~] Optimized to randomly join the room
[~] Optimize automatic team allocation
[~] Fix startroom command
[~] Fix the victory prompt message
[+] Add blasting game mode
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[~] Create/set room commands made simple
The following commands have been removed
/gunwaradmin setwaitspawn Set the current position as the waiting point
/gunwaradmin setredspawn Set the current position as the spawn point of the red team
/gunwaradmin setbluespawn Set the current location as the spawn point of the blue team
/gunwaradmin setwaittime number Set the waiting time after enough players
/gunwaradmin setgametime number Set the maximum game time per round
/gunwaradmin setVictoryScore number Set the required score for victory
/gunwaradmin setgamemode number set room mode
Added the following two commands (and the corresponding gui interface) instead
/gunwaradmin CreateRoom Create a room
/gunwaradmin SetRoom Set the room
[+] When a player picks up a flag in Capture the Flag mode, all players will be notified via subtitle
[+] Players holding flags in Capture the Flag mode will get the slow potion effect
[+]Catch the flag mode overtime tips and tie mechanism
[~] No longer use nk's deprecated code (this will cause compatibility issues, if the plugin does not work properly, please try to update nk)
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[+] Custom item function:
  • Melee weapons
  • Projectile weapon
  • Gun weapons
[+] Added GUI interface for custom items
[~]GUI room list shows room mode and number of people
[+] Automatic backup and restore function of room map
[~] The blood volume is changed to the boss blood bar display
[~] Change the room structure to facilitate the addition of new modes
[+] You can set the limit of the number of people in the room with commands or GUI
[~]Fixed the problem that the game map block would be burned by fire
  • 近战类武器
  • 抛射物武器
  • 远程类武器