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1. Introduction
JustSkyblock, Skyblock Server Plug-in. Provides simple yet powerful, complete skyblock server functionality.

2. Features
JustSkyblock is not a plug-in of single aspect, but rather a complete server that implements the simple skyblock server itself.

JustSkyblock is built on a Skyblock module that allocates skyblock sections and manages chunks, a Resource Block module that creates virtual quarries and manages virtual quarries, UX module that manages player' experiences, and Database module.

Skyblock Features
  • Skyblock island creation and assignment
  • Skyblock island proection and sharing
  • Custom chunk loading feature
Resource Block Features
  • Virtual quarry "Resource Block" feature
  • Resource block upgrade feature ― Place the same level of Resource Blocks on the floor at 3*3.
  • Support Resource Block customized Resource Packs
User Experience Features
  • Additional custom recipes / Banned recipes feature
  • Basic Items and Personalization Guidebook features
Management Features
  • Duration-settable Player Ban System
  • Player Kick Feature
Custom Name-Tag Features
  • Customize player chatting format and name tag using "Player Groups"
Database Features
  • MySQL / SQLite Database Support
  • Use pre-compiled SQL queries
  • No SQL Injection and Database overhead issues
Multi-Language Support
  • All commands, Messages and Text, everything is editable
  • Multi-language support: Currently only English and Korean, Simplified Chinese are supported.

3. Commands and Permissions
All commands have justskyblock permission. In the default configuration with Nukkit vanilla commands disabled, users can only view/execute 4 Skyblock commands.

Skyblock Commands
Set of commands for players to manage their own skyblock area.
permission: justskyblock.skyblock
  • /teleport or /teleport <nickname> or /teleport @r ― Teleport to own island or another player's island or random player's island
  • /protect <me | invited | all> ― Update protection settings for own island
  • /lock <me | invited | all> ― Update lock settings for own island
  • /invite <nickname> ― Invite another player to own island
  • /purge <nickname> ― Purge player invited to own island

Management Commands
Set of commands for administrators to manage players.
  • /b <nickname> <reason> <duration> ― Ban player by reason while duration.
  • /k <nickname> <reason> ― Kick player by reason.
  • /g <nickname> <group-id> ― Update nametag and chatting format by classifying player with ID defined in user group.

4. Installation and Configuration

Install Resource Pack

Just Skyblock's Resource Block is built on the premise that it will be used with the Resource Pack. Put the JustSkyblock_Resource_Pack.mcpack file in the resource_packs folder to finish applying the Resource Pack. Resource Pack can operate independently of which block ID the Resource Block uses, and only supports up to LV5 Resource Block.

Set the level-type option in the file to EMPTY. Only when set to the EMPTY option can JustSkyblock create an empty world to allocate islands normally. The existing world must be deleted after the option is set.

Set the allow-nether option in file to off, In the default settings, one of Resource Block use netherack block id.

Additional plugins
JustSkyblock is built without considering being used with other plug-ins. Applying other plug-ins, especially those with teleport or block management, is not validated and cannot guarantee normal operation. If you need to apply other plug-ins additionally, please avoid plug-ins with teleport or block management functions as much as possible.

5. Download & Source Code
JustSkyblock's source code is available at and you can download plug-in (JustSkyblock-NukkitX-x.x.x.jar) and resource pack (JustSkyblock_Resource_Pack.mcpack) from the release page or from the latest build of the CI/CD pipeline.

By default, JustSkyblock is built on the PowerNukkit API, and the code for NukkitX and the latest build can be found on the nukkitx branch. If you are using NukkitX, remember to use JustSkyblock-NukkitX-x.x.x.jar.
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  1. 1.0.2

    New Features Teleport to random player's island Teleport lock to the island via /lock command...

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