mutiBackpack 1.0.5

mutiworld-Experience supported!
Fix the bug that causes players' inventory cleared.
Version 1.0.3 has been updated:
Fix bug:
1. Players through the backpack synthesis transfer items, detected automatically kicked out of the server
2. Win10 version players through the mouse pointer to transfer items, detected automatic kick out of the server
3. There is a probability that the player will fail to save when exiting. This problem has been fixed
4. Player teleport world null pointer error, fixed
5. When there are many players, the server will be blocked. Now it has been saved asynchronously. Fix this problem
6. Player's knapsack is reborn to non default group world after the default group world dies
7. Fixed the problem that the relative position of backpack items could not be saved when switching the world
fix a serious bug
now if server is crashed, players' backpacks will not be cleared