MyGuardian [AntiCheat]

Experimental MyGuardian [AntiCheat] 2020-05-09

Compatible API Versions
Please note that this plugin is still in development, for that matter, you could use this plugin with creeperface GAC anticheat if you are looking for a stable anticheat. Do not hesitate to send us the bugs if you find

Currently our anticheat is able to detect:
  • Speed hacking
  • Flight
  • Jesus / Water walking

We are working on:
  • KillAura
  • Reach
  • System to view the history of player cheat logs.
Our anticheat is in development, it does not ban suspected players, it informs administrators and expels the player if it sends too much log.

Some screenshots:
Annotation 2020-05-08 180816.png

Annotation 2020-05-08 1aaa80816.png

There is a log system that records all alerts until the server is shut down. These files are located in
{your_server}/plugins/MyGuardian/logs and are dated with the date the server was started.

Annotation 2020-05-08 1aezze80816.png


To bypass the anticheat or see its alerts, please be sure to be an operator or to have myguardian.bypass permission
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Latest updates

  1. Update anticheat

    Update flying and speed hacking checker. Start to work on CPS COUNTER(AutoClick) and KillAura...
  2. Update anticheat

    MyGuardian is now adapted to detect Fly, Speed and jesus from Flare hacked client.
  3. Add config to edit messages

    Add config to edit messages

Latest reviews

Great anticheat plugin I hope there will be more updates
best anti cheat it works so well i am keeping it
on the server
Thanks a lot, dm me if there is problems/bugs c: