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Experimental NoCheatPlus | Advanced AntiCheat Rebuild Test 0.1

Don't use on formal server. It doesn't finish and you can only test it.

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We are in development.

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Rebuild the project and renamed it as
Open source at:
-fixing Speed misjudgment
-adding Speed Angle detection
-optimizing the output format of detection information
-fixing flight misjudgment
-fixing the false alarm of climbing the mountain by drinking jumping potion
-fixing the acceleration of jumping head by misjudgment.
Implement C03Packet to check Speed to make less mistakes.

C03Packet is a MovePlayerPacket provided by Sakura.

Listener SDataPacketReceiveEvent to get it.
Sakura 1.0.6 Update
- New custom ways: dispatch command and spawn bot, pls check the config, it will teach you how to use that
- Fixed a mindless player who shook his head was misjudged
- New AutoClicker check
- New KillAura check
- New Machine Learning Data
- New command /sakura reset To rrset violation levels
- New ways to calculate CPS

It is recommended that all configuration files be regenerated, because many detections have been updated.
- fixing authorization security problem
- adding the upper limit of AutoClicker CPS
- fixing misjudgment
- fixing the broken service of PNX
- adding logs

to update The old configuration file needs to be deleted.

Now free user can use more checks than before