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A for-fun plugin to simulate Spider abilities. Feel free to ask questions and give feedback to me in Discord or here, don't be shy! If you have any problems with the plugin, try re-downloading it because I constantly send updates without posting it to reduce spam and bumping the resource. If you already did re-download and still has problems, report it to me immediately!

  • Spider Climb ability to let you climb in walls with vines. ✔
  • High Jump ability to let you jump high like a spider. ✔
  • Venom Bite ability to strike off enemies with lethal poison. ✔
  • Web Shoot ability to immobilize enemies in position. ✔
  • Enchantment logic to add limits in the abilities when playing in survival. ✖
  • More abilities.
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Fully configurable for both command responses and the enchantment. See the available placeholders at the config file!


How-To-Use: Abilities

  • Spider Climb - You just need to face a valid wall and vines will start to generate.
  • High Jump - Sneak and Jump while in ground and direct yourself to launch in to. Also takes half of fall damage!
  • Venom Bite - Sneak and Jump while in ground and direct yourself into an opponent to strike them in a fast speed to poison them. Also being immune to poison! (You must have poison effect longer than 10 seconds to make the ability work)
  • Web Shoot - Hold a lot of string to make webs after the bite from striking your opponent to increase the length of its stun ability while they're stuck on their place. (can be removed by placing water at where they are)

How-To-Use: Configs
  • Maximum Radius - The radius of the vines you generate for the spider climb.
  • Maximum Multiplier - Multiplies the distance of blocks High Jump can boost. (1.2x starting)
  • Maximum Distance - Adds up the range of blocks Venom Bite can strike. (12 blocks starting)
  • Maximum Length - Adds up the maximum of seconds the stun can have. (50 seconds starting)

/spiderability (ability) (level)Adds ability to the item the player's holding on to.

/spiderability ....spider.ability
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