Experimental WorldGuard

Compatible API Versions
WorldGuard plugin port for Nukkit

Download: (latest release)
    depends on SWorldEdit
    /wg ? or /wg help command
    Fire flags
    /rg flag : will show all available flags
    /wg : will list all commands

How to define a region:
  • enter //wand (SWorldEdit selection)
  • left click on first block to select first position
  • right click on second block to define second position
  • enter command /rg create myregion
How to add flag to your region
  • enter /rg flag myregion block-break deny
Region flags
The command for adding a flag is /rg flag <regionName> <flag> deny
to remove a flag /rg flag <regionName> <flag> allow
supported flags:
  • block-break : the player cannot break blocks
  • block-place : the player cannot place blocks
  • mob-spawning : mobs cannot spawn
  • pvp : the player cannot arm another player
  • damage-animals : the player cannot harm mobs
  • explosions : tnt, creeper and other explosion are cancelled
  • more flags
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First release
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Latest updates

  1. WorldGuard-

    Depends on SWorldEdit
  2. WorldGuard-

    removed gson dependecy (included in Nukkit)
  3. More commands and more flags

    Fire flags /rg flag : will show all available flags /wg : will list all commands support for...

Latest reviews

This should really support FastAsyncWorldEdit. Otherwise, this plugin would be really useful.
Those of you who are having problems with java. On github the version 2.0.0 work with java 11. I really look forward to this plugin having more flags and such just like its spigot/bukkit counterparts! Great work and keep it up!
SWorldEdit wont work even if i recompile to my java version
please support FastAsyncWorldEdit not SimpleWorldedit, i need this...
Great job, a great plugin to protect my players' regins. Can I share it to China?