1. Trollhunters501

    Bedwar 2.1.0

    ⚠⚠Attention⚠⚠ This plugin IS NOT MINE if you are the creator and want to Claim it send me a message! The plugin was found on Github and Brought here for publicity. Credits to SoBadFish Info: Plugin language is in Chinese you can Translate it. BedWar Wake Up War Introduction: In the game...
  2. LoserLiuli

    Discontinued LiuliDoubleTeamBedwars v1.1

    LDTBW Need BlocklyNukkit as dependence! Bedwars in 2 teams How to Install: just download the zip file and unzip it and put it into the plugins/BlocklyNukkit folder.Please make sure you have the BlocklyNukkit plugin installed first. BlocklyNukkit Plugin Download...