Bedwar 2.1.8

Compatible API Versions
1.0.0 and higher
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The plugin was found on Github and Brought here for publicity.
Credits to SoBadFish

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BedWar Wake Up War

Introduction: In the game, players will launch an absolutely different battle in the form of team PVP. The purpose of players is to protect their beds from being destroyed in the game, so they must work together and rely on teammates to cooperate with each other in the game to destroy the opponent's bed, which is considered a victory in the game!
Game features:
1. Players will be divided into four teams with 16 players to compete against each other, the purpose is to protect their own beds;
2. As long as the beds exist, players in the team can restore vitality and let their teammates They can instantly restore to the best state and re-enter the battle;
3. Build bridges with enemy islands, invade the enemy's territory, and win the victory with the ultimate goal of destroying the opponent's bed.
Game Mode:
  1. Experience Mode
  2. item exchange mode
1. Plug-in startup

  1. Drag this plugin to the plugins folder
  2. Start the server until the plugin is loaded
  3. After entering the game, enter it, come to the game map, and execute /bd to start creating a room.
2. Instruction introduction
/bd reloadReread the configuration file
/bd set [name]Create a custom room template
/bd tslRead template's team data and store item data
/bd seeView loaded rooms
/bd close [name]close the room
/bd endStop template preset
/bwEnter the game GUI
/bw join [name]Join the game room
/bw quitleave the game room
/bws [what you have to say]Send all messages in the game room
3. Configuration file

Refer to the resources folder
4. How to configure
  1. Execute /bd set room name to start the preset template (please be careful not to make mistakes, otherwise you can only execute /bd cancel to reset)

Follow the prompts to customize the settingsAfter the preset is completed, find the generated team.yml file to modify the team information and execute /bd tsl to reload the team data
6.pngThen execute /bd set to preset the number of spawn points of the item, and then execute /bd to start the room configuration Note : Please do not make mistakes when setting, otherwise you can only reset the flag with /bd cancel. The order of the team's store spawn points is the order of the team.yml configuration file, please set according to the order.
5. Update log:

2022/5/15 v1.3.3 update

+ automatically destroy the bed time limit
+ fix the bug that the player re-enters the game room after exiting the game
+ modify the /bws chat for all messages in the room to be typed normally for the team chat
2022/5/20 v1.3.4 update + Modify the default time to destroy the bed to 120 seconds
+ Add the experience wake-up function (change the copper ingot in the money store to exp)
+ Add the experience wake-up configuration in the room Add a case to the bottom of the .yml file
(default is the default exp is to get up with experience)
roomMoney: "exp"
+ add exp currency
+ You can add the currency in the item.yml file to exp to be equivalent to experience
# Currency name
- name: "Copper Bar"
# Display name only
customName: "&4Copper Bar"
item: "336:0"
exp: 1
2022/5/20 v1.3.5 Update
+ Add random join room command/bd rjoin
+ Modify the team prompt for creating a room
+ Add forced termination. /bw cancel
2022/5/20 v1.3.6 update
+ show the experience gained by getting up in the form of levels
2022/5/20 v1.3.7 Update
+ Fix the abnormal BUG that occurs when creating a room
+ Fix the BUG that occurs when executing random commands
+ Fix the BUG that the items in the experience wake-up are not deducted
+ Fix the BUG with the wrong text in the room created
+ Fix the price of the items in the experience wake-up shop is not experience bug
2022/5/22 v1.3.8 update
+ added wither bow item
Example: add
"wither bow" to item.yml:
customName: "& ewither bow"
lore: []
item: "261:0"
+ Increase the prompt content at the beginning of the game (can be customized)
+ Increase the printing of the winning team data at the end of the game
+ Optimize the display of the scoreboard and other content
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