1. Trollhunters501

    Bedwar 2.1.0

    ⚠⚠Attention⚠⚠ This plugin IS NOT MINE if you are the creator and want to Claim it send me a message! The plugin was found on Github and Brought here for publicity. Credits to SoBadFish Info: Plugin language is in Chinese you can Translate it. BedWar Wake Up War Introduction: In the game...
  2. Trollhunters501

    Hotpotato (TNTTag) 1.2.1

    ⚠⚠ ATTENTION ⚠⚠ This plugin IS NOT MINE if it is yours you can claim it by sending me a message! This plugin was taken from Github for the purpose of making it known! Credits to lt-name HotPotato: It depends on (required): MemoriesOfTime-GameCore License Java CI MCBBS The plugin is in the...
  3. Verox007

    MinigameSignsAPI for NukkitX 1.0.0

    MinigameSigns for NukkitX Important: This plugin is an API, so you will likely have to include this plugin in YOUR Plugin dependencies. Create Sign: SignsAPI.createMinigameSign( yourPluginInstance, locationOfSign, "nameOfMinigame", "command to execute, when clicked"...
  4. Champrin

    Experimental [Nukkit-1.17.x]SimpleGame 1.7.5

    The following content is generated by Baidu translation. SimpleGame --- collection of simple games! Enrich your server mini games! Latest update on July 17, 2021 v1.7.0 update now includes 22 games Now the information prompt in the game can be customized Using version 1.7.0, you need to delete...
  5. Hungerfan55

    SpleefNK 1.2

    BE SURE TO HAVE LAVA UNDER THE MAP Please contact me on discord (hungerfan55#2523) if you find any bugs If you want to translate the plugin you can dm the translations on discord (hungerfan55#2523) or make a PR on github Commands: user: /spleef list ...
  6. Josewowgame

    MobArena Minigame Beta_1.0

    MobArena a game where you have to fight against monsters, each round will increase the number of monsters, the level of life of the monsters and the type of monster. Collect gold nuggets to upgrade your weaponry and buy items that help defeat monsters. Players who survive round 20 will win or...