Hotpotato (TNTTag)

Hotpotato (TNTTag) 1.2.1

Compatible API Versions
1.0.0 and higher
This plugin IS NOT MINE if it is yours you can claim it by sending me a message!
This plugin was taken from Github for the purpose of making it known! Credits to lt-name

It depends on (required): MemoriesOfTime-GameCore
License Java CI MCBBS
The plugin is in the languages:
You can translate it yourself!
HotPotato is a simple little game plugin. In the game, players need to give the baked potato to other players before the countdown ends. After the countdown ends, the player who holds the baked potato will be eliminated.





How to play:

Before the countdown to the explosion ends, hand the potato in your hand to someone else (hit someone else).
When the countdown ends, the person holding the potato will die in battle. At the same time, one of the surviving players will be randomly selected to give the potato to
the last survivor. Winner

plugin command:

If the command conflicts with other plugins, please refer to the config.yml configuration file.

Player commands:
/hotpotato help to view help
/hotpotato open ui
/hotpotato join room name to join the room
/hotpotato quit to exit the room
/hotpotato list to view the room list

Setting command (only op available):
/hotpotatoadmin help view help
/hotpotatoadmin open ui

//How to add room? Execute the following commands on the game map
/hotpotatoadmin setwaitspawn set the current position as the spawn point
/hotpotatoadmin addrandomspawn add the current position as a random spawn point
/hotpotatoadmin setwaittime numberSet the waiting time after there are enough players in the game
/hotpotatoadmin setgametime number Set
the waiting time for explosion /hotpotatoadmin SetMinPlayers number Set
minimum number of players in the room /hotpotatoadmin SetMaxPlayers number Set the maximum number of players in the room
//use after all executions/hotpotatoadmin reloadroom Reload the room

/hotpotatoadmin CreateRank Name Create a leaderboard at the
current location /hotpotatoadmin DeleteRank name Delete

the leaderboard with the specified name /hotpotatoadmin startroom force open the room on the map
/hotpotatoadmin stoproom force close the room on the map
/hotpotatoadmin reloadroom reloads all rooms
/hotpotatoadmin unloadroom closes all rooms, and Uninstall the configuration

configuration file:

The PlayerInventory folder
saves data for the player's backpack, which is used to save the backpack when the player enters the room, and restores it when the player exits. It is not recommended to manually change the
Rooms folder to configure data for the room. Please follow the command to help set it up. It is not recommended to manually change the
Skins file The folder is the skin file data (copyright issue, the plug-in does not have its own skin, please collect it by yourself)
In order to get a better game effect, please find 16 (preferably 16, that is, the maximum number of people in the room) ordinary skins, and put them in the Skins file. How to
add a skin in the folder: Create a new folder in the Skins folder, name it with the name of the skin (or customize it, anyway, just use it to distinguish), put the skin image in it and rename it to skin.png
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