Bedwar 2.0.3

Fixed bug with floating blocks having no effect.
Fixed guard wall bug...
Optimize the effect of using the invisibility potion in the game. It is not necessary to remove your equipment after using the invisibility potion.
Fixed the bug that caused player
Increases infinite durability of armor.
Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash when the map was restarted
Fixed the bug of abnormal equipment enchantment level
Fixes the issue that floating words are not updated
Fixes the issue that floating word variables are invalid.
Fixed bug in game where invisibility potion would end up swallowing equipment.
Changed fireball cooldown from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
Fixed floating word/sort bug
Added a bridge egg item.
Fixes bug causing some data to not be counted (probably...)))
Fix the problem of updating the map.
Fix the bug of deducting money from buying armor.
Fixed the bug that the bed would fall down.
Remove the color from some parts of the marker.
Fix the BUG of repeated purchase of armor
Fix the bug that the player's backpack is not saved