1. Trollhunters501

    Tips 2.1.9

    ⚠⚠ ATTENTION ⚠⚠ This plugin IS NOT MINE if it is yours you can claim it by sending me a message! This plugin was taken from Github for the purpose of making it known! Credits to lt-name, SmallasWater 若水 Plugins necessary:
  2. V

    ProxyBroadcast 1.0.0

    ProxyBroadcast is a Plugin for the WaterdogPE Proxy, to send a message to all online players on the proxy. Command: /broadcast Message Permission: broadcast.command You can also customize Message, Prefix and Command Settings in the Config.
  3. C1oky

    Broadcaster 1.2.1

    Broadcaster is an advanced Broadcasting plugin for Cloudburst Nukkit. Config: There is a command for broadcasting messages in real time: /broadcast <message> permission: broadcast