1. GommeAWM

    ReportAWM 1.0.1

    ReportAWM ReportAWM | Minecraft Bedrock Edition | Nukkit API 1.0.14 | SupportAWM FOR SUPPORT/SUGGESTIONS/CUSTOM PLUGINS USE OUR DISCORD CHANNEL: https://discord.gg/mAZ9YMV3 --- Description: > * If player encounter a player who is violating the rules of the game or community, player can send...
  2. lukeeey

    DiscordRelay v1.0.4

    DiscordRelay is a plugin that bridges your Discord Server and your Minecraft Server. Features Two-way chat between Discord and Minecraft Display messages in Discord (optionally in embeds) for common events like player joins or deaths Role ping protection from Minecraft Simple Developer API for...
  3. VironLab

    Experimental MinecraftDiscordSyncPlugin

    Bukkit - Version BungeeCord - Version THIS IS A BETA VERSION ( Maybe some features are buggy ) IF YOU FIND ANY BUG PLEASE JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AND REPORT THEM THERE ( DiscordInvite ) or use the github bug tracker ( Issues On Github ) For any requests, questions, support or ideas how to...
  4. NoName

    Experimental Custom Discord Command 1.0.2

    With this plugin you can enter your Discord link in the config and every player can view the link with /dc or /discord.
  5. Denic

    DistinctJDA 1.0

    This plugin is just JDA. Add it to your plugins folder to use JDA within your code
  6. PetteriM1

    DiscordChat 2.3.0

    Sync your Nukkit server's chat with your Discord server using DiscordChat Features: Two-way chat with join, quit and death messages Mention & spam protection Player list & server ip commands on Discord Discord command for invite link in game Ability to mute the Discord chat using the in game...
  7. augesrob

    Important Update For Developers and Domain Change

    Changes to Domain and Important Update For Developers New Website https://nukkitx.com/ Please note that your old login from https://potestas.xyz will remain working. No need to make a new account. Jenkins Server Domain Has Also Been Updated https://ci.nukkitx.com/job/NukkitX/job/master/...