1. M

    FormConstructor V2 2.0.1

    The current version of the FormConstructor plugin is 2.0.0. This version includes many API changes and improvements. You can read the full list of changes here: CHANGELOG 🤔 Introduction Library is designed to simplify the creation and handling of forms. It has a few key advantages over other...
  2. DeltaGamesYT

    FormAPI 2.1-SNAPSHOT

    FormAPI 🇪🇸 Este plugin no lo hice yo, solo lo estoy resubiendo porque vi que no se encuentra el recurso directamente desde CloudBurst. 🇬🇧 I did not make this plugin, I am just re-uploading it because I saw that the resource cannot be found directly from CloudBurst.
  3. M

    FormCreator 1.2.0

    FormCreator Tool for easy creation of forms in Json file for Nukkit Dependencies FormConstructor GitHub: How to use Example form: example.json { "command": { "enable": true, "name": "example"...
  4. Ree

    FormAPI example 1.0

  5. Ree

    FormAPI 1.0

    WaterdogPE form API Example use_fast_codec must be set to false
  6. Catrainbow

    MenuPlus 1.0.0

    With this plugin, you can create Menu like this in config. How to use? 1. Join your server, use command: /menuplus (Your Config Name) eg. /menuplus test 2. Then plugin will create the config for you. Open the config: Just edit it like this title: "Main Menu" #the title of Menu type: 0 #0...
  7. DenzelCode

    2.0 UIFormAPI 1.0.0

    FormAPI The best form API provider for Nukkit Cloudburst. What's FormAPI? FormAPI is an API that provides you everything that you need to enhance your plugins with the forms system implemented on Nukkit. Download Download the latest JAR:
  8. Ferjao

    [CLOSED]Help with Custom Form window - Input

    There is a way to get the input from Custom Form? I found out that you can get the DefaultText, Text and Place holder...
  9. C1oky

    FormAPI 2.1-SNAPSHOT

    # FormAPI | NukkitX Simple API for creating forms (MCBE Nukkit) Usage example: SimpleForm: SimpleForm form = new SimpleForm("Test form") .setContent("Some kind of test text should be written here.") .addButton("Button") .addButton("Button with a picture", ImageType.PATH...

    AdvancedWelcome 1.1

    Let's add a custom Message or Title or UI for welcome a player when join your server! And you can edit everything in the config. Features : - Custom Join Message - Custom Title when player join - Custom UI when player join - Can edit everything in the config.yml Screenshot:
  11. TheLondiux

    Gamemode UI 1.0

    This is my first plugin, it's a simple plugin that helps administrators change their own game mode quickly with a form
  12. PetteriM1

    WelcomeForm 1.6

    WelcomeForm Show player a form window when they join Features: - You can edit the form title and text, use colors and add new lines - You can add a button and make that run a command when clicked - You can also make the command run when the button was not clicked - You can add a delay for...
  13. ZeroDev

    Experimental WorldTpGUI 0.0.3

    Allows Admins to teleport between worlds with a simple UI in Nukkit get the latest version ( here ) Config Example: commands: /wtpui item: 339 (paper as default)