1. DevPandaa

    ChatFilter 2.0.0

    Waterdog-Filter A chat filter to block what waterdog doesn't. Config Permissions
  2. xxExtic

    [GERMAN] BetterTransfer 1.0.0

    Ein Transfer Plugin was sich oder andere Spieler auf Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) transferieren lässt. Commands: /transfer <IP> | Transferiert dich mit dem Default Port (19132) /transfer <IP> <PORT> | Transferiert dich mit einen beliebigen Port (*****) /transfer <IP> <PORT> <Playername> |...
  3. F

    Can't download plugins.

    I have a new raspberry pi and I wanted to use it for my mcpe server. When I finished downloading it, I wanted to instal some plugins, but when I wanted to download it it said: failed, insufficient permissions. I also couldn't drag it in there. When I tried to change the permissions from the...
  4. M

    Clients, Updates and Launchers....

    Hi guys, thanks for the great software! I'm new to the MCPE environment, I host several MC dedicated servers on linux boxes for the little one and his mates and am proficient with updates, plugins and launchers / versions etc. It's easy to choose older versions with the PC version thanks to the...