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    ProxyBroadcast 1.0.0

    ProxyBroadcast is a Plugin for the WaterdogPE Proxy, to send a message to all online players on the proxy. Command: /broadcast Message Permission: broadcast.command You can also customize Message, Prefix and Command Settings in the Config.
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    ShowCommand 1.0

    Display the instructions entered by player in the console Command: /sm reload premission: hmsm.premission.admin.reload bug: Error will be reported when using /sm command No error will be reported when using / SM reload
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    Shout 1.1

    Shout Command: /shout <message> premission: hmshout.premission.shout /shoutadmin premission: /shoutadmin reload premission: hmshout.premission.admin.reload and you can:
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    CustomMessage 1.0

    CustomMessage - config.yml default: #please don't change! version: 1.0 #Prefix,use/cm reload #can use this:( Prefix: '&r[&eCustom Message&r]' DeathMessage: #Message Message: '%player_name% Death!' enable: true ChatMessage: #Message Message: '%player_name% say: %message%' enable: false...
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    Advanced Welcome 0.1

    config.yml '#type examples': message title type: message message: - §l§3Welcome to your server - '§3website§c: §4' - line 3, you can add more lines title: §l§3Welcome to your server subtitle: '§3website§c: §4' image icon...