1. CookieLuck

    Discontinued Survival Plot 1.0.1 [BETA]

    SURVIVAL PLOT This plugin is in beta state, please report any bugs you might encounter Every plot plugin generates a flat world for the users to build. This plugin converts a survival world into a faction based survival. USAGE: Just put the .jar file into /plugins folder. Start your...
  2. tim03we

    Experimental FuturePlots 1.4.3-SNAPSHOT

    FuturePlots FuturePlots is a future-safe plot plugin, with which you can generate plot worlds and other players can claim plots to build their house or similar. Features Border System (Download) Economy Support EconomyS (EconomyAPI) ToDo MongoDB Support Command Sub-Command...

    How to create a very simple plot plugin.

    Hi there! I going to make a survival server on plot, but I don't want to use PlotSquared plugin, I want to use my own plot plugin. I hard to understand PlotSquared code, so this why I ask here. I hope will someone help me to make a very simple plot plugin. Like plot generator, how to know if a...
  4. IntellectualSites

    PlotSquared dev

    { Wiki | Discord | Source | Dev Builds | Legacy Dev Builds | JavaDocs | bstats } The top world management plugin! By Citymonstret & Empire92 & MBon29 & dordsor21 Support PlotSquared: paypal Support is NOT given in thread discussion! Use our discord You must install FAWE and DBLib in order to...