1. qreardedwashere

    Experimental GamemodeUI v1.0.0

    Easy-to-use Gamemode tool for your game. You can authorize non-operator users with the gmui.cmd Authorization.
  2. N

    Cant place signs even whith out permissions plugins

    I have just created a new Nukkit server for the first time and it's not allowing me to place signs, even with permission plugins (LuckPerms) removed. I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm just a big idiot.
  3. Sherixn

    Rank Tag Plugin?

    I'm looking for a plugin or a way that I can setup ranks easily on my Nukkit server. Is there a way to assign someone a rank and put it right next to their username such as Hypixel does? Thanks, - Sherixn
  4. ub0n

    Need a plugin developed. *paid*

    Looking for a developer to develop a plugin much like GunWar. Something which has lobby capabilities, and maybe some form of multiworld support. Things like Create-a-Class and prestige, maybe many gamemodes. Basically COD in minecraft...
  5. sewek333

    I'm looking for a plugin

    I'm looking for a plugin "menu" Instead of memorizing comedies, one /menu And when you click the button, the assigned command will be triggered. Thx
  6. DotCheck

    Experimental Executable Items : Items that run commands! 1.0

    With this plugin you may assign one or more commands to an item. This plugin's properties are customizable via a config.yml. Sample Config: There is currently a known issue regarding a NULL exception. Similarly hitting the air doesn't work. It is being worked on!
  7. AeroTrain

    Experimental BuildFFA 1.0 ALPHA | GERMAN Bug Fixes

    BuildFFA By AeroTrain ich werde sehr viel noch adden wie fall damage off kits usw Ich hoffe euch gefällt meine Alpha version Wichtig! Das Plugin wird nur funktionieren wenn Ihr Luckperms auf eurem server installiert habt. PERMISSIONS //Team buildffa.cteam...
  8. LlamaDevelopment

    LlamaTroll 1.1.0

    LlamaTroll Troll your players ✔ About ✔ LlamaTroll allows you to troll your players. 🛠Commands 🛠 Command Description Permission /slap <player> <times> Slap a player. (really annoying) llamatroll.slap /silenttroll <on|off> Turn on/off SilentTroll Mode. llamatroll.silenttroll...
  9. Kazuk

    NukkitX 2.0 Plugin Development Error

    I'm creating a plugin using NukkitX API 2.0 where if you hit a player with a bow it will display in chat from a config file that %name% is now at %health% I'm getting this error Operator '==' cannot be applied to 'cn.nukkit.utils.Identifier', 'int' public void onDamageByBow(EntityDamageEvent...
  10. YouCanEatMe

    FriendsPro 1.0

    FriendsPro is a simple GUI-based friends-plugin for MCBE. Its main features are: - Adding friends - Managing friends - Managing incoming requests - Changing global and individual settings (e.g. show or hide join/quit-messages) - messages.yml file to change nearly every in-game message...
  11. ArnyFour

    Command code in separate class

    Hello everyone! I want the command code of my plugin to be in a separate class. How can this be done correctly? I watched a lot of sources of different plugins, but could not figure out how to do it.
  12. Abled Gaming564

    How can I create normal Worlds

    Hello, I have created Dedicated Bedrock Server but left it because it does not have plugins support then I created PocketMine Server and left it because it does not have skin support and now I have created Nukkit Server but every time I create a world it just gives me a world with a spawn in...
  13. L

    How can I shoot a arrow

    Hello, Can someone help me, I want to create a Plugin which shoots arrows on right click, like in Spigot player.launchProjectile? I have it, it was in the ItemBow class
  14. sewek333

    Plugin Developer

    Hi Looking for a developer who will write a plugin on changing the pack of behavior pig. It must work with mobplugin. Just write me how I can contact you better And I'll give you more information.
  15. sewek333

    Skyblock /AcidIsland help

    Hi I need a stable version of skyblock or AcidIsland. I can't find it anywhere... Thx and good day!
  16. K

    Unable to get plugins working

    I am running a VPS on Ubuntu 16.04, when I start the Server everything works fine and I can connect. I am now trying to add the MobPlugin, I downloaded the jar file and extracted it to my plugins folder. I then stopped the server, restarted it and got this output: 15:56:19 [INFO ] Loading...
  17. evanlandreneau

    Experimental Nukkit installer (For Linux)

    This is a simple program written in Python to install Nukkit on your Linux system. This can be useful for people who don't know a lot about the Linux terminal and installing stuff. NOTE: If this is your first time running this, you need to run: cd && mkdir NukkitServerFiles After you run that...
  18. ZeroK

    ZCommandTracker 1.0.0

    NO COMMAND Download it to your plugin folder and enjoy it!
  19. Justin

    ChestUI in Nukkit

    Hello, I want to create a ChestUI for my plugin. It requires only one page. Well, I have really no clue how to create a ChestUI in Nukkit. Can someone help me with that? Best regards, Schdow
  20. F

    Can't download plugins.

    I have a new raspberry pi and I wanted to use it for my mcpe server. When I finished downloading it, I wanted to instal some plugins, but when I wanted to download it it said: failed, insufficient permissions. I also couldn't drag it in there. When I tried to change the permissions from the...