1. Pigeon2333

    Experimental MaintainLobby —— Open lobby maintenance mode 1.0.0

    (The following content comes from Google Translate,The plugin has been translated into English.) Introduction: This is a very simple plug-in, used to prevent ordinary players from entering the server, interfering with your work or having other effects when the server is maintained. Usage: The...
  2. MrReskill

    ClaimChunk 1.0

    THIS PLUGIN NEED MYSQL DATABASE. Needs help with the plugin ? The plugin supports EconomyAPI Commands: /chunk help /chunk claim /chunk unclaim /chunk unclaimall /chunk addplayer /chunk removeplayer (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaim (Admin only) /chunk adminunclaimall
  3. T

    Protect World 0.1

    # Commands! - /pw help - /pw add <level_name> - /pw remove <level_name> - /pw <1/place> <level_name> - /pw <2/break> <level_name> - /pw <3/pvp> <level_name> - /pw <4/damage> <level_name> - /pw <5/flint> <level_name> ### config.json ```sh { "worlds": { "world": {...
  4. PetteriM1

    ProtectedWorlds 1.0.2

    With this simple plugin you can block breaking/placing etc from non op players in worlds listed in config. Included in version 1.0.2: - Block breaking - Block placing - Bucket filling - Bucket emptying - Item dropping - Block igniting - Farmland protection - Pvp You can select what to protect...