1. Cownex

    TeamChat 1.0.2

    Important: This plugin will not be further developed. The support is also discontinued, if there are any errors, please fork it on Github and fix the error or expand the plugin. TeamChat by Cownex is a Simple TeamChat Plugin! Commands /tc login Login to Team Chat /tc logout Logout...
  2. LlamaDevelopment

    SimpleVanish 1.0.0

    SimpleVanish Be invisible. Features: /vanish Command Everything is editable. Installation: Download the .jar file. Paste the file into your plugin folder. Start your server. And have fun using SimpleVanish. Commands & Permissions: Command Usage Permission vanish /vanish <optional...
  3. C1oky

    NPC - Non-Player Character 3.0.0

    A very simple plugin to create and edit your NPCs! This plugin requires FormAPI installed! Permission: npc.use Available commands: - /npc spawn - Create npc entity - /npc getID - Get ID entity - /npc list - Get npc entity list - /npc teleport - Teleport entity to you - /npc edit - Open entity...
  4. LlamaDevelopment

    AreaProtection 2.0.4

    AreaProtection ? A simple protection plugin to protect your server against griefing. This plugin is not made for selling plots/areas. It's only made for the server admins to protect areas. Commands ? Command Description /ap pos1 Set the 1st position /ap pos2 Set the 2nd position /ap...
  5. Ceremonious

    SimpleGenerator v0.5

    SimpleGenerator is a simple item generator plugin for Nukkit! Need items to spawn from blocks? This plugin will do that for you! This plugin is based on SkyLordJay_'s video: How to make a generator: Look at the block you want to make a generator Type /generator set (itemID) (time) Enjoy...
  6. Ceremonious

    SimpleAnnouncer v0.5

    SimpleAnnouncer is a simple auto-broadcast plugin for Nukkit! Want to have broadcasts go on throughout your server automatically? This plugin will do that for you! Planned Features: Specific announcements only shown to players based off of permissions The ability to toggle announcements on and...
  7. Ceremonious

    SimpleCrates v1.0.2

    SimpleCrates is my first Nukkit plugin ever created! It is roughly based off of Crates Reloaded for Minecraft Java Edition. A plugin for easy rewards by clicking a block with a key to win items! How to make a crate: Type /crates create <crate> Look at the block you want to set as the crate...
  8. X

    SimpleFly (Translated to english) 1.0

    Original version is found at: Can be downloaded from:$SimpleFly/artifact/SimpleFly/SimpleFly/1.0.0/SimpleFly-1.0.0.jar Was made by: Pub4Game Translated by: xXILoveLoveeXx