1. Darelybarely

    Lifesteal 1.0

    Enhance your Nukkit server with the Lifesteal plugin, where players gain hearts by eliminating others. Admins can adjust player health with the /heart <add/set> <player> <hearts> command. Configurable max health ensures balanced gameplay. Ideal for adding a competitive edge to PvP.
  2. nixybuilder

    Comman items - Best for survival 1.0.2

    Plugin made by PetteriM1 originally for my survival server. I switched to java software and i dont need the plugin anymore so im uploading it here for free This plugin doesnt drop the items upon death, it have permissions and you can set any command to open for example in image a ender chest or...
  3. nikinok

    2b2t Bedrock Edition

    IP: Port: 19150 This is an anarchy server which replicates the experience of except this is on the Bedrock Engine of Minecraft. Which means Android, IOS, X-Box, Nintendo Swich and Win10 players can all play this together! The server has been running since May of 2021. The...
  4. tim03we

    Experimental FuturePlots 1.4.3-SNAPSHOT

    FuturePlots FuturePlots is a future-safe plot plugin, with which you can generate plot worlds and other players can claim plots to build their house or similar. Features Border System (Download) Economy Support EconomyS (EconomyAPI) ToDo MongoDB Support Command Sub-Command...
  5. BennyTheG

    InkCraft - Network

    We Are The InkCraft Network! - We Currently House A Nice Community Of Over 200 Players! - We Run A Safe Survival Server Along With An Anarchy Realm - We Allow Players To Participate In Fun Events To Win Prizes - We Have Awesome Paid Anti-Cheat On Our Server - Level 1 Discord Server Boost - We...
  6. Bagel

    New survival server!

  7. T

    Protect World 0.1

    # Commands! - /pw help - /pw add <level_name> - /pw remove <level_name> - /pw <1/place> <level_name> - /pw <2/break> <level_name> - /pw <3/pvp> <level_name> - /pw <4/damage> <level_name> - /pw <5/flint> <level_name> ### config.json ```sh { "worlds": { "world": {...
  8. M

    Random Spawnpoint 3.0.0

    This plugin randomly spawns players at different spawn positions within a pre-defined radius When they respawn. The radius can be defined by the Owner in the config.yml file Unless they slept in a bed, which means they will be teleported to their bed when they respawn. There is no command or...
  9. IntellectualSites

    PlotSquared dev

    { Wiki | Discord | Source | Dev Builds | Legacy Dev Builds | JavaDocs | bstats } The top world management plugin! By Citymonstret & Empire92 & MBon29 & dordsor21 Support PlotSquared: paypal Support is NOT given in thread discussion! Use our discord You must install FAWE and DBLib in order to...