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Basic Relics 1.0.2


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Basic Relics - Adds Relics to your server

This Plugin adds Relics to your server!
Relics are items that can be found mining or can be given using the command

/relic {player} {relic} {amount}

Relics can be opened by right-clicking / tapping your screen.
When Opened a Relic gives random loot such as diamonds, coal blocks, iron, a beacon, and other items.
There are currently 5 Types/tiers of Relics

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Now if it works. What if I recommend that they be able to place three things: that you can modify that items come out in the chests, the time and that there is a language


Mabye make relics obtainable by mining stone, andesite, gravel, basically blocks you get from mining and not any block. and mabye make it more rare to get them as they are too common to be used on the server.


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Please fix the "Compatible API versions". It says 1.16, which does not exist. The current API for the NukkitX 1.0.x branch is 1.0.11

"This server is running Nukkit version git-2751f1a "" (API 1.0.11)"


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Can you find a way to give Relics to people without specifying player name? Example ( /relic @s commonrelic 1 )