Importing World from Bedrock or Java


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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my problem.
I have a world from the vanilla official server software by Mojang Studios, however I would like to add plugins, something Nukkit does well. However, upon importing my world, it "converted it" and it showed a new seed with a random chunk full of leaves over the ocean. So, knowing Nukkit reads Anvil, I used MCC Tool chest to convert it to Java. This time it came up with "corrupted chunks" and loaded a new seed. I also tried WorldFixer, but it wouldn't do anything with the wand and the fixlevel command returned with an error or a null. (I do understand it works by changing block IDs so it probably wouldn't do a justice anyway) To try to understand this better, I created a superflat world in Java and imported that. Still, new seed and "corrupted chunks". Am I missing something? I have heard of people moving chunks into a superflat level.dat file, however I don't know how to go about that. I have also used MineConvert, but still nothing. I havent even gotten the same seed. MCC Tool Chest did work sucessfully when loaded into Java, but Nukkit wouldn't have it.
Again, thanks for your time!


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Thank you all for reading my problem, after some testing and playing around I have found a fix. I will post the steps I used for other people looking to do the same, as I found the instructions very hard to find on the internet.

1. Use MCC Tool Chest PE to convert world into JAVA file (ensure you have selected 1.12 when converting)
2. Load converted world into Java edition 1.12 (may take some time depending on file size and computer)
3. Download and move the World Fixer plugin into your plugins folder
4. Start server, this should create a new world. (Ensure the new world name does not conflict with your converted one)
4. Stop the server and move converted world from Java edition saves folder to the Nukkit server worlds folder
6. Start and join server again, type /wf fixlevel "YourConvertedLevel" and hit enter. It should begin to convert your world, you may have to wait depending on your world size and computer. If you get errors, its most likely because you are loading into your converted world, so change the level name in the file to correspond to the new world we created and try again.
7. Once done, stop the server and edit server properties to switch the level name to your converted world. You can delete the level we created if wanted.
8. Start and join the server for a final time, and your save should be corrected! You may have to teleport to the location of your build (spawn is typically 10 100 1), you can do this by typing command /tp x y z (/tp 10 100 1 for example).

I did have some fixes I had to make to my world, such as trap doors being misplaced and paintings gone, but for the most part it was near perfect. I'm sure there is a better way to go about doing this, but this worked just fine for me. Hope this will help someone out there!
Feel free to comment with any issues you may have or if you have a better/more efficient method.


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Oh my good golly gosh, thank you so much for posting this, sj6729!!

This still works as of today, a year later, when all other methods failed.